Sunday, June 13, 2010

I blinked

And school was over. One more working day for me and it's summer vacation. To say I'm behind on blog reading and I guess posting would be an understatement.

Here is life in short stanzas since my last post back in April! Yeesh!

Tommy had 3 hockey tournaments - he won 2, and lost 1. Pretty darn good. He is now done with hockey until camp in July.

Ashley is running all over the place and is getting in her molars. Ouchy! She loves being outside and riding her little bike. She also loves going for long bike rides on the back of my bike.

Austin lost his first top shelf tooth.

Austin had another very successful coach pitch baseball season. He had fun and even seemed to be more aware of the game when in the field. He almost made a few plays even catching one throw when he played first base. Too bad he wasn't standing on the base. haha.

Tommy also had a successful ball season. His team won more games than they lost but were out early in the playoffs. He got to do a lot of pitching and did pretty well. His hitting was average and he had fun and being the oldest in his bracket; this was his year to shine. Next year he'll be the young one again. Boo! He is playing travel ball this summer so at least our ball days aren't completely done.

I graduated another wonderful class of 8th graders. They gave me a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's taller than Ashley. What a wonderful gift.

I had another successful trip to Washington DC with my students. It was my longest stint away from Ashley but I was so darn busy I had nary a moment to miss the family. Go, go, go! We had a blast.

Ashley had her first overnight sleepover. She & Austin stayed with the Muylle's while Joe and I went to a wedding and then down to Detroit for Tommy's hockey tourney. We all survived. :)

The Gold Diggers got 2nd place in the hockey league. It was fun. We're now doing a shinny type league in the summer.

My brother Andrew graduated from High School.

We started Co-ed softball. We are sporting a new look with a new sponsor. A!BM It's our school cleaning company. So far we are 1-1. Win or lose, I love spending my Sunday afternoons with my family and my friends playing ball. But winning is definitely much more fun. Last week we lost and got to play in the mud. That was kind of fun too.

I had my 32nd birthday. I'm no longer prime. In fact I have 5 years to wait until I'm prime again. Doh!

And a gabillion other probably trivial things that just clog up life. But eh, life is good. I'm hoping that I don't blink and summer is over. Though that tends to happen. Stay Tuned.


Amy said...

Phew, I was afraid you had abandoned us:)

Great update!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy - I wondered if I was even missed. ;)

Renee said...

Glad to see all the family updates! I missed reading your blog and kept hoping you would be back!

ellen :) said...

Dawn, I missed you terribly! I always take a minute from my prep period to check the blog and I was worried something had happened! Just life I guess! :) Glad all is well and the latest pics of the kids are great! Beautiful! :)

Sheila said...

Glad you're back! My blog is seriously neglected too! There just isn't enough time in a day. Glad all is going well!

Dawn said...

Thank Renee, Ellen, & Sheila - Glad I was missed. Spring is just so, so, busy! I'll be around more now with summer vacation. yay!

Barbara said...

Welcome back! I love the new picture at the top of the blog. It sounds like life is good and you guys have been busy. It's funny how time flies!

Dawn said...

Thanks Barbara - That picture being two months old is already outdated but it was the best I had of the 3 of them.

And you are right about time flying. The busier we are the faster it goes.

Julie said...

Whew! the year did seem to fly by, especially the last few months. Love all the updated pics, especially your profile picture.

Dawn said...

I know Julie!! Where did spring go?

Thanks for the picture compliments.