Monday, June 28, 2010

My sparklie

And don't love make it shine? I think Tracy Byrd probably sang it best around the time Joe and I were engaged or newly married. I loved my beautiful solitaire that Joe picked out all by himself. We then picked out matching bands.

I remember an I Love Lucy episode where Ricky tries to teach Lucy a lesson about being careless and takes her ring after she'd left it on the windowsill and hides it on her. Well you know through the course of the comedy all heck breaks loose and the ring ends up being lost for real. I remember Ricky saying "I'll buy you a new ring with great big diamonds all the way around it" and Lucy cries "I want my old ring with tiny diamonds half way around it." Lucy did find it in the end when she bit into a hamburger, lol. All was well.

Joe and I had wedding ring talks last weekend. He ended up joking with me to never lose mine because he'd have to spend a lot more money today then he did back in 1996. Haha! Well I'll be darned but I had a scare thinking I'd lost it at hockey. I swore I put it in my shorts front pocket and it wasn't there. I scoured the locker room floor, a teammate went through my smelly bag shaking every item, it was horrible. I was almost in tears thinking how am I going to tell Joe I've lost my wedding ring. One lady told me to take off all my clothes and shake them and I'll be darn I found my ring. It was in my back pocket!!! Oh man that was close. As far as replaceable possessions this is my most prized. And unlike many ladies who I know "trade up" their rings as the years go by, I see me wearing this one for the duration. And that's not a dig on them. There is nothing wrong with trading up, or resetting a diamond, it's just not in my plans.

I also don't believe in any way that a marriage is doomed if a ring is lost. Joe would have been frustrated with me if I hadn't found it but it wouldn't have been a marriage killer. He would have chalked it up to another one of those "imperfect moments" that Fr. Jim warned us about at our wedding. And like Ricky Ricardo, I'm sure he'd have offered to buy me the biggest and most beautiful diamond he could find (maybe even remortgage the house or something). But thankfully I'm still wearing mine and only had to get nearly naked in front of a small audience to find it. I think finding it in a hamburger would have been less embarrassing.


BandLmom said...

Wow, what a scare Dawn! I am glad you found it. About 10 yrs or so ago I happened to look at my ring and noticed my diamond came out and two of my prongs were bent. Needless to say a panic ensued and I looked everywhere for that diamond thinking I had lost it forever. I called my parents all upset and my dad told me to look in all of my pants pockets and there in a pair of jeans was my loose diamond. I had remembered I caught my ring on the inside of my washing machine and the diamond must have came loose and nestled inside my pocket. I had never been so happy in my life:)My ring is now set in platinum so my prongs will never bend again.

Dawn said...

Oh wow Amanda!! I just gasped when I read your diamond was gone. How amazing that you found it. Almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Thanks for sharing your story. I lost a pearl in a ring once (a classmate found it later) and that shook me up, I couldn't imagine looking down and seeing no diamond. I think my heart would stop.

Kiera Beth said...

It is too funny that you posted this story today.

First of all, I am so glad you found it! It has to be such a scare to think you lost it.

I noticed that my stone was loose in the setting a couple of weeks ago. I brought it back to the jeweler and ended up buying a policy where I can get unlimited repairs on it for life. Since I tend to loosen the stone about once every 2 years, I figure this will pay for itself in about 2 years :) As part of the policy, they re-tip the ring. I picked it up tonight and found that when they reset the stone, they put it substantially lower than where it had been initially. I actually love the new height and it works much better in my lifestyle, but both Drew and I commented on how it kind of feels like I lost a little something from what it was originally. Luckily the emotions are still there and that is what is important, just like you reminded in your post. Thanks for a great post!

Amy said...

Crazy lady!! You were a dancer and shouldn't have an issue with stripping in front of others:)

Glad you found the ring, especially after almost losing your ball mitt!!hehe!!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

So glad you found it!! My husband would be pretty upset if I lost mine because I had a friend who worked at the corporate office for Bailey, Banks and Biddle so I got a sweet deal on my ring and we would have to pay full price to replace it!

Julie said...

Whew!! No doubt you were sweating bullets there for a while. I would have been. But you are so right. Your husband's love for you is stronger than the symbol of his love for you.

Dawn said...

Kiera Beth - That reminds me I have to get mine checked soon. Joe has that same plan for me and I've been bad about it. Glad your ring works for you, I bet soon you won't even remember it being different. I had mine soldered together and sometimes I wish they weren't still but no biggie.

Amy - Good lord that's right! And I lost my bat! I've had some bad luck lately. I better be more careful. As for being a dancer, yes I was but I was dreadfully shy about changing and still am. Worse now with a 32 year old body that's been destroyed by pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing. It's worth it though.

Megan - Yeah that would be crummy. Nice that you got a sweet deal!!

Julie - And that is what it's all about the love being able to withstand the wearing over time. But oh yeah, it was scary.

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you found it. I've misplaced my rings a couple of times and was just sick until I found them.

When I was in the car accident I was only wearing my anniversary band. I had to take it off while I was still in the van because my hand was swelling up. I tried holding on to it but let it go when the ambulance crew pulled me out. I was sure it was gone forever and was so upset about it. A couple of days later Jim went to pick up our belongings at the wrecking yard and decided to go take a look in the van just in case. It was the first thing he saw when he looked inside. I was so happy to get that ring back!

Dawn said...

Oh wow Barbara - what a story! I know your wreck was horrid and you've had lasting repercussions. I'm glad your ring was at least found. That would have just been more salt in an open wound.

Jill said...

I'm glad you found your ring for selfish reasons. You may not have been able to afford my b-day lunch, surprise party and our trip up-north.
Glad all is good cuz Joe would have given you a hard time!!

Dawn said...

Jill - You are probably right, I would have been under a spending freeze like no other. I don't know if home owners insurance would cover a loss like that or not?? And yes, worst of all would be the grief I'd get from Big Joe.