Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are you fat or what?

Yo Ding Dong Man, Ding Dong, Ding Dong Yo. Ok, for two points where did I steal that famous or not so famous line?

Remember the Diet Schmiet post last year where I vowed to sabotage Joe's diet? Well I was successful with that. ;) However he started up a new plan in December with Spark People and he's had some success with it.

I've never had a problem with weight. I've always had normal BMI and weight but there are definitely problem areas in my body that need some toning et al. But I could pretty much eat what I want and my daily diet consisted of a lot of pop and other junk like cookies.

I found out I was pregnant for Ashley soon after my 30th birthday and since having her I haven't been able to get to under 130. In fact I found myself hovering around 135. Talking with ladies it seems the weight just kind of creeps up there as the years go by and is very hard to lose. My Mom is a testament to this. (sorry mom) Most people I would talk to would give me the "oh don't be ridiculous you're not fat!!" when I'd talk about losing weight. And I know I'm not fat but I don't want to be when I'm 50. One of my biggest supporters has been my Mom and has told me in a nice way I need to nip my weight gain in the bud now. She was like me but has slowly put on weight over the past 20 years. I don't want that to happen to me and neither does she. A couple years ago in Kohl's she was trying on tops and said something about her "bat wings" and Austin quickly chimed in "fat wings." LOL Thankfully she can laugh at that too. Pesky Austin. So with this near 135 experience I've decided to stop trying to defeat Joe and have instead joined him on the Spark. It's on my Iphone and I'm basically counting calories. I wanted to lose 9 pounds in 9 weeks. Well 10 days in and I've already lost 8 pounds. And what I thought would be my greatest difficulty (pop) has not been an issue. I've been under 130 for 3 days now. I'm doing great and I'm hoping I can keep it up. I'm still eating fast food occasionally but I'm drinking more water. I think giving up the liquid calories has been my way of success. Now if I can just tone these flabby areas. But I don't know if I'll ever have solid abs again. Pregnancy just did me in in that regard.

Another supporter has been Joe. And hopefully together we can help each other live a healthier life. I love my husband fat or thin. But I know that a thin hubby gives us greater odds of a long life together. So I guess I am for sure done sabotaging and maybe if we can keep up with our weight loss we'll go in for couple's liposuction eventually.

Oh and just to keep up with all the other popular and not so popular blogs Spark People did not pay me to mention their services and probably shouldn't as I'm not the most popular blog in the blogosphere but I try. ;)


ellen :) said...

way to go, Dawn! :)
I am STILL only at about 10 lbs. lost since starting in Feb.! I lost 6 lbs. quick and then a few more here and there, but can't seem to go any further. My consolation is that I got myself back into a normal BMI with that 10 lbs. I don't look any different, but oh true about the weight creeping up! I got pregnant with Sam when I was 30 also, and then 5 more years of stress just packed an extra 30 lbs. on. UGH! Are you exercising too? I even got nutty with the working out faithfully everyday and it didn't do anymore... I drink diet soda and stopped eating fatty ice cream (well, most of the time anyway.) ;)
Actually started eating really green salads, too. Ick! The only thing that saves me with the extra weight is that I am 5'8"so I can hide some of it! ;) So I'm going on to your plan there and going to check it out...keep up the good work, girl! :)

Julie said...

WTG Dawn and Joe!!

Dawn said...

Ellen - Thanks! Good for you getting back into normal BMI - that is great. I'm trying to exercise but do it sporadically either through sports, sometimes the Wii Fit, or lately biking. They have a fitness app on the Spark as well that I try and utilize too. It's really just an awareness now and knowing the body is willing but the mind is weak. Sorry you don't like salads, I love them so that helps. I really think it's been so easy for me because I just ate SO bad to begin with and I must have drank probably 3-5 cans of pop a day. That right there is over 500 calories. I had a swig of coke tonight and it didn't even taste good. Maybe I'm cured! We can do it. Good luck with your quest. Let me know how you like the Spark.

Thanks Julie!!

Amy said...

Good Job Dawn!! You rock!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy.

Mike said...

Nice Job, Dawn!

Also, thank you very much for the reference to Spark People. I talked with Joe about it at work on Friday to get a little demo and set up an account shortly thereafter. After looking at mine, Jill set hers up later that night. It's amazing how fast the calories add up and Spark is great to help keep tabs on that.

Thanks again!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Mike and good luck with the Spark. It really just makes you aware of how much you're eating. Good luck to Jill too. Hope it works out for you. I still have a little trouble when I feel like I'm missing out on something really good but so far my will power holding up well except for one crazy night that Joe cooked. But you have to have those nights once in a while I guess.

Kiera Beth said...

Good luck Dawn. Weights is something I have always struggled with. I spent most of my 20s 40 pounds heavier than I am now. I feel better now that I have since college.

If you are looking for a great app, I use "Lose It" which really helps to track the amount of food you are eating and accounts for your workouts. I also love RunKeeper which uses the GPS to track any distances you walk or run.

Good luck with it! Congrats on your progress!

Dawn said...

Thanks Keira Beth - Joe has used runkeeper quite a bit I already have an odometer though. Good luck with your work too, you're such a good runner; I wish I had the strength.