Monday, July 19, 2010


It seems as I age things get crazier and crazier in every way.

Last week I went to Cedar Point with the Muylle's and Amy and had a blast. You can read about that here on Jill's page. The Muylle's were planning a family trip and I all but begged Jill to let me come along and had such a good time. I can't believe the way Cedar Point has changed. I still remember 1989 when the Magnum XL 200 came out and it was such a HUGE DEAL. It was the first coaster to reach over 200 feet and wow was it awesome; still is in my opinion. Then in 2000, the Millennium Force was the first "giga-coaster" reaching over 300 feet, a few years later the Top Thrill Dragster smashed that record hitting 400 ft and going 120 mph in seconds!! What a thrill indeed!! Which begs the question; just how long until the 500 ft record is smashed? My insides are hurting just thinking about it.

Music - yep, it's getting worse and worse. I blame Chuck Berry and My Ding-A-Ling lol. Or maybe it was the Elvis Pelvis works. All I know is that music has been getting more and more out there and nothing really stuns me anymore. Shock rockers/rappers have always been out there and will do what they can to sell albums. But it's too bad that it does have to get more and more extreme. But I don't go all apes when Lady Gaga does some new stupid gimmick, not like I did back in the day when Ozzy Osbourne used to eat the heads off of live bats. Same with movies and tv. No doubt many movies that are PG-13 today would be rated R back in my day.

How about even new extremes in food and beverages? Remember when beer was just beer? Everyone I knew growing up just drank Miller or Budweiser. Now you have Bud Light Lime, Red Wheat, etc. So many varieties. Taco bell - Mild, medium, or hot sauce. Now you've got FIRE!! And I'm married to one of those hit my taste buds harder people. Go out for wings and lets order the 911 wings! Why? I don't get any enjoyment from burning my eyebrows from the inside. It's almost like people are showing off when they eat like that. Joe goes through a bottle of Frank's Red Hot like no other. Ick. It ruins a good taco. Flaming hot cheetos turn your fingers red instead of the classic orange.

Maybe because the only spices I really was exposed to growing up were salt and pepper. But I've definitely evolved and have come to appreciate a tasty meal. But again I can still appreciate salt and pepper how many of you need to have your baked potatoes loaded with bacon and cheese when simple sour creme and chives would do?

And don't even talk to me about portion extremes! Joe's picture used to be on the wall at Captain Hooks in Frankenmuth because he ate a whale burger in under an hour. Oh yeah, he's that good. A burger that's as big as a spare tire and he dumpster-ed it in about 55 minutes. Everything is SUPER SIZED these days!

The proverbial envelope keeps getting pushed further and further to the breaking point.
But extremism isn't totally bad. I'm sure I'll be on that 800 ft coaster eventually after it's cleared for the over 30 crowd. I just might need to be wheeled out of the park afterward after my insides get rearranged.


Sheila said...

All so true!

Julie said...

800' coaster will need a defib machine at the end for the more mature riders.

ellen :) said...

Dawn, you are too funny, girl! :)
I refuse to get on ANY roller coaster, so you are WAY braver than I am! :)
And Brian would LOVE to go out to eat with Joe! He is the 911 wing guy, too! :)

Dawn said...

Thanks Sheila

Julie - You are probably right; too funny. I definitely noticed that the crowd mean age is much younger than me. I suppose I now qualify as a "mature" rider. Now Amy, Mike and Jill are definite outliers in that data. ;)

Ellen - I LOVE coasters! Always have but I know many a people who don't so I'll just say bravery is subjective. If you ever make it to MI we'll take the guys out to BW3's or Hooters for the hot wings and we can just go to Red Lobster or something.

Amy said...

You big meanie!! OUTLIERS!! Whatever!

Dawn said...

That's me the meanie. So darn sensitive Amy. lol. ;) Gabbie would say I'm building myself up by putting you guys down. Healthy right. hehe.

bijayamanachen said...

nice contents.keep it up..

Jill said...

Dawn you are to funny. I have no idea where you come up with this stuff.
I want it to be known I will be waiting for you at the end of the coaster and I would be glad to give any first aid needed.