Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Still July for one more day anyway.

I'll be darned I had two different people today mention that summer vacation was almost over. For heaven's sake school doesn't start until Sept. 7th!!

I ran into one Mom in the hardware this morning who lamented that summer was going by way too quickly and then a few buddies of Tommy came over tonight and the one kid was like "Mrs. P, school starts in only a month!" I just want to say AHHHH!!!! This has been an awesome summer and I've had a lot of fun already but I still have a whole month to go! Glass half full here people!

Granted this week I did spend some time in my (hopefully gonna be) new Reading Series getting acquainted but I'm not even thinking about going back yet. I'm loving my dog days of summer. But that's us humans always lamenting about the next pivotal yearly moment coming upon us quicker than we want it too; school is almost here, Halloween is right around the corner, Thanksgiving is coming quickly, Christmas will be here before we know it and then oh my, another year gone.

I wonder if time really does fly. Because I do believeth that July hath flyeth by.


Julie said...

The best of summer is yet to come.

Dawn said...

Now that's the spirit!!

ellen :) said...

oh, Dawn... I am SO with you, even though I have to go back at the end of August and the kids start back on Sept.1... :( I still have a month, baby! I do so hate being reminded about how little time I have left to my vacay! Let's enjoy every minute left! :)

Dawn said...

Yes Ellen, no more it's almost over!! I'll be ready when it's time but I'm not ready yet but it's still poking my brain back there. Get ready, get ready, get ready.

Kiera Beth said...

You are right, this summer has flown by! I cannot believe how quickly July went. It is time to savor August.

Hope it is a great one for you!

Dawn said...

KB - Savoring August and boy isn't it flying by?