Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saturday's revelations

We went to Jen & Chris' wedding who are a couple of Joe's coworker's. It was a great time. So here is the revealing of my "title" choices.

Staying Alive ~ we were in the middle of a dance and all of the sudden the DJ cuts the music and says ok everyone freeze and face me except for the guy in the suit right here in front of me. That was Joe. He then goes on about Joe being a lot older than he looks but ends up having Joe doing his best Saturday Night Fever John Travolta impression. He did pretty good.

Request For Hubby...Please learn how to polka. ~ such a great dancer but he refuses to polka. I love to polka and thankfully Mrs. Bremer will polka with me at the $100 dinner. I would love a polka partner at these weddings.
Oh my aching feet! ~ My heels were too high, they were ditched for the dancing obviously.

They're supposed to go to the World Series and haven't won a single game! ~ The Tiger's are 0 - 7! OMG!

I am a GREAT Math teacher! ;) ~ A few of my students went to Delta on Saturday to a math competition and they did well. One student placed! Yay!

The Sprinkler ~ Joe on a chair during the YMCA. I know you can picture this.

Jackie Moon ~ Lon M. What a crazy fool! He serenaded the place with his "Love Me Sexy" rendition that I'm sure would impress Will Ferrell. What a brave dude.

*****OMG INTERUPTION****** Austin just yelled from the kitchen "I want to get down" he's up on the counter somehow! WOW!!! He pushed a stool over and got up there. I'm so proud of him.

The Near Candle Disaster ~ At the wedding ceremony they had these beautiful candle torch thingy's that were attached to the seats and they kept falling over. Thankfully no one or anything started on fire.

Chair Dancing ~ See sprinkler above

Austin's Deuce ~ Eh, I'll just pass over this one.

More Wine ~ There was lots of it at the wedding and I think I was still feeling its effects when I wrote my post on Saturday because I'm feeling like I'm doing an inadequate job elaborating on it now on Tuesday.

No one needs you more than I need you ~ My wedding song (is You're the Inspiration, that's just my favorite line), almost 11 years later I still love dancing with Joe to this song. Thankfully he had an in with the DJ after the whole "Stayin Alive" deal.

Name that movie ~ We had some movie fun and Airplane remembrances got the most laughs. "When Cramer finds out about this the Sh!ts really gonna hit the fan" I just love this movie and laugh so hard when anyone quotes it!

The Tie is Flying ~ Joe gets a little crazy sometimes and once the tie is off and he's swinging it around his head you know he's feeling toasty. I haven't seen the tie fly in years but it was his "signature" in high school. :)

Speaking of high school, I'm going to give a history lesson on Joe & Dawn. Whenever I go to an event that has dancing I can't help but go back to my high school days when we would frequent the school dances. During the Homecoming Dance my freshman year I danced about every slow song with many different guys but I was already crushing on Joe. He finally got to me after a slow song that I had finished dancing with some other guy and says to me "you are the hardest person to get a dance with, will dance with me during the next slow song?" So of course I said yes and then we ended up dancing to "November Rain" by Guns n Roses which is like the longest song ever. I know at one point our eyes met and we kind of "locked in" on each other for a brief moment. We both remembered this days later though we didn't mention it at the time. I knew from that dance that I wanted to be with Joe and in the next week we did officially start dating. 15 years later I still love dancing with him. Every woman loves a dancer, I'm so lucky.

There is nothing like a wedding to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy even though a lot of wild and crazy things usually happen at them too. I'd definitely get married again (to Joe of course) if I could. I just love weddings. :)


Jessica said...

Great post! Thanks for taking forever to eazy elaborate :P I'm not crazy about weddings. If I had it to do all over again, we'd have run away and gotten married on the beach!

Jessica said...

Computer issues... remove the non-word "eazy" before elaborate!

Dawn said...

Oh Jess, you silly girl! Sorry you aren't crazy about weddings. Thanks for busting my rumpski about taking so long to post! I probably wouldn't have gotten to it tonight if you hadn't pressed me for it. ;)

Kelly said...

It's about time! I was getting impatient. Just kidding, sounds like you had a great time! It's better to dance with your shoes off anyway. Except for when you get your toes stepped on, ouch!

Jessica said...

That what I'm hear for. To kick your bootay into posting regularly!!! I'm just a strange girl! What can I say... weddings bore me! lol

Dawn said...

Hi Kelly! Thankfully I didn't get stepped on at all this weekend. But youch, that does hurt.

Jess - You are strange aren't you?

Debbie said...

Ah, November Rain, classic.

I have to LOL at your being proud of Austin for climbing on the counter when most parents would be upset, lol

Dawn said...

You're right Deb, I cheer such bad behavior. ;)

Jill said...

Hey Dawn, I'm sorry I couldn't see Austin on the counter. Did you leave the stool so he could do it again?

I'm so jealous that your man likes to dance!
I have to pay big for a dance. lol

Dawn said...

Jill - You can dance with Joe anytime you want. As we age though Joe doesn't let himself go as he used to so it was a big treat Saturday night. Of course he is always on his best behavior at the $100 Dinner, we'll have to sneak some Hot Damn into the joint for him next year to loosen him up.

Austin hasn't made his way to the counter lately that I know of. No Gushers seem to be missing so I think we're ok. ;)