Friday, April 18, 2008

Away from home blues

Here I am posting in bed as I can't sleep because I have a very loud, snoring husband next to me. He forgot his CPAP machine and I am going crazy. Tommy's game is at 7:00 tomorrow and the rink is a 1/2 hour away. I need my sleep so I can play awesome defense in my game tomorrow. Not to mention drive back to Ann Arbor afterwards!

Tommy's team got crushed today 8-2, we'll see how tomorrow goes. At least he is able to sleep through the snoring.

Spoke too soon, Tommy is up. Supposedly can't get to sleep. I think there will be a few grouchy Papesh's in the morning. ;)

Daisies to the inventor of the CPAP machine and darts to caffeinated beverages as I think that is adding to my problem right now. Oh yes, woe is me.

At least I can celebrate the Red Wings and Tiger victories tonight. Definitely interesting!

Off to count my blessings again, hopefully falling asleep soon.


Debbie said...

I didn't know Joe used a CPAP! When my dad was in the hospital they tried and tried to talk him into wearing one at home but he couldn't get used to the way it felt on his face. Sorry you couldn't sleep!

Dawn said...

Oh Deb, it was a miserable weekend without the CPAP machine. That thing saved our marriage or at least the need for separate bedrooms! I highly recommend it!