Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Last night Jill and I were officially christened into the hockey world as we had a locker room party. It was great and the beer was cold and plentiful. Jill gives great detail and has awesome pictures with goofy captions of the hockey on her blog. All I can say is we are a bunch of crazy ladies and have a bunch crazy coaches. What a blast! I was lucky enough to have Cathy pick me up on her way from Caro so I had a DD. I got to bed last night and the room was spinning. Yikes! I ran into the birthday girl Julie this morning at the rink and she was doing well. So glad as she had a lemon drop at Hooters. That would have officially killed me.

Tommy is doing well on his new team and had his first two games this week. He scored a goal Thursday and had two today. The games have been close but we haven't broken into the win column yet. Hopefully we won't go 0-7 like the Tigers. ;) I've enjoyed getting back into games. Tomorrow he plays in Midland for his first game with his travel team. We'll see how that goes.

Tommy's former coach Brian btw was named coach of the year by the hockey association. How excellent! I know you're reading Sheri so congrats again on being Mrs. Coach of the Year! And yes YOU are the bestest team Mom ever! So glad you are on my Chicks team! Can't wait for the reunion party!

My Grammy's one year "angelversary" is tomorrow. It's hard to believe a year has passed. I said twice tonight "go give Grandma a hug." I totally meant to say Grandpa, how did that slip? Mass intentions were for her tonight and our family had to bring up the gifts and my Aunts and Uncles were there too. Good ole Aunt Noni was there also!!! She hasn't been to mass in a long time because her legs just aren't strong anymore. She will be 90 in October. Anyhoo, we can't encounter Noni without a story right? Well her natural hair color is very red like mine and she's been coloring it very bright fire red forever!!! Well she finally let it go gray and it shocked the heck out of me when I saw it. She looks great btw. I didn't even realize it was her until Joe said something. Then we're saying the "Our Father" and Noni is always about 2 sentences behind and so it's super quiet and then you hear "for the kingdom and the power..." as she can't hear anyone else. I don't know if you can imagine how funny this is but it is. Bless her heart I know I'll be just like her someday probably. The last visit over there she gave me a big old bag of underwear and she reiterated time and again that she had never wore them because she wouldn't give me underwear that was used. (Thank God) But they were ginormous granny panties for the most part. I'm sure I would get a huge ovation if I wore those to hockey. These undies would travel way higher than my pants!!

We have another mass for Autumn Rose on Friday from Aunt Noni. I hear a lot about "shadow grief" and as I approach my due date next month it seems that she is on my mind often. Thursday night we were out to dinner and Joe ran into a bunch of his old XO coworkers who were having a party. One guy came over and commented on our two boys and says something along the lines of "you just have the two boys" and Joe says yup, Tommy & Austin and then Tommy interrupts and says "you forgot Autumn Rose." It chills me to type that. Tonight at dinner my Grandpa and Noni were talking about "the little girl" almost like they didn't want to say her name but it's still nice that she is acknowledged. I know my Dad now visits her on his Sunday ritual to see Grandma as well. I don't know. What would you do? If you were asked how many children do you have, how would you answer? I feel if I say 3 I'm dwelling on the sadness and think that it should remain a private memory yet I feel kind of like I'm betraying her memory by not remembering her. It's probably crazy I know. She's just on my mind a lot and Jessica's mentioning a song on her blog, and Tommy reminding Joe about her just warms my heart, and the mass intentions are nice too though it breaks my heart all over again. I don't know how parents ever survive losing an older child.

Enough of that for now, life is very good to me. Things are going well!

My Aunt Michele is currently painting our downstairs (remember the MacBook deal) in exchange for Pre-Algebra tutoring. Believe me I got the good end of the deal here. And our house is looking awesome. I can't wait to post pictures after it is done. I love my house again!

Finally, if you have a minute read the story Jessica linked about Ms. Iowa who has CP. It is an amazing story, truly inspirational!



Amy said...

Sounds like you and Jill are having a blast with hockey, as is everyone else!! I can't wait to see you play on Saturday.

Although I don't know how it feels to lose a child, I can't imagine that Autumn will ever be far from your hearts and mind.

You are not wrong or crazy in saying you have 3 children, one is in heaven:)

As your due date nears, I wish I could take the hurt away for you, but I know you have much love and support!

Dawn said...

Amy - I'm so happy you are coming Saturday! Should be interesting.

Thanks for the kind words about Autumn, they mean so much to me. :)

Jill said...

Dawn, What great fun! I can't wait for the game.

The hockey season has returned for the children as well. It sound like Tommy is off to a good start. I'm sure his team win is coming.

Autumn Rose will never be forgotten by your family and friends. I was just asked if you just had boys and I said "no, She has a Little Angel Autumn Rose."
I don't think it is dwell it's your life, it's who you are.
My family will be here for you during this next month, as you and Autumn Rose will be on our minds!

On another note:
I can't wait to see pics of the house.

Dawn said...

Thanks Jill, you're so sweet! Everyone I talk to is so wonderful about Autumn. I'm so blessed to have such great people in my life.

Hockey is going great isn't it? Only a few more weeks and we have to switch gears for softball though. I have some good Bill B. stories for you from my Dad. Will have to share later.

Debbie said...

Good post Dawn - LMAO at the bag of grannie panties, haha! That would be funny.

I have to agree that answering that you have 3 children is the truthful way to go - don't feel bad!

Off to check out those hockey pics...

Jessica said...

So, I almost didn't post that song b/c I didn't want to upset you. But, at the same time- I knew you probably needed to hear it. Just know, I love you.

I don't think you are crazy for saying you have 3 babies. You do! God is loving up 1 child and letting you have the other 2 on Earth.

Dawn said...

Thanks Jess & Deb - What would I do without such great friends like you?

Jessica said...

Dawn say what is in your heart. Either way you and your family know that Autumn's part of your family forever and always. It doesn't really count what everyone else thinks or believes.

Thinking peaceful thoughts of your grandma.

Kelly said...

Dawn, That's a question I wonder about often. People that I don't know at all, I usually just say we only have one, but as soon as I say it, I get this guilty feeling. I think I am just trying to avoid the akward silence with someone I don't know. If it's someone I know a little better, I usually explain. My due date was the hardest for me, and it is still harder now than it was before my due date. That's just me though. (Although I think we are very similar). Well, I will keep you, Autumn Rose, and your entire family especially close in my heart and prayers.

Dawn said...

Hi Jess - Nice to see you pop in from NJ. Thanks for thinking about my Grandma and for the advice on Autumn. I really appreciate it.

Kelly - I'm sorry you are having more troubling days after your due date. Makes me nervous. You said it right about feeling guilty when we don't mention our daughters. Oh the life. I think you gave some good input on how to deal though. I definitely will take each encounter on its own.