Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wildest Week

And it's only Wednesday!

This past weekend was Tommy's tourney and aside from terrible sleep it was a good time. His team did rough but did win their last game. It was fun. A few other area teams were there so that was cool too. They got to tour the USA hockey facility Friday night so that was neat.

Saturday night was the Chicks with Sticks charity game. It was simply awesome and our team won 3-1. A lady on the news was quoted as saying it was like "the Prom" for us crazy ladies. I think that was a perfect analogy, we looked forward to it for so long and it was definitely worth the wait. Jill of course does a super job detailing the event. So check out her blog if you haven't yet to hear how the game went.

Monday night I had my 2nd league game and our team won 1-0. I got an assist on the goal. I also missed an empty net!!! BAH!!! Now I have to wait two weeks for another chance!

Last night was of course the surprise party. That's just like Joe you know to go way above and beyond. I simply had a house party for his 30th, he gets me an awesome party suite at the Tiger game!!! Unbelievable! It's funny in hindsight how odd things really were the last month or so. Everyone did a great job keeping it hush hush. It must have drove them crazy!!! My coaches had me just sputtering on Monday when I was trying to get out of volleyball practice because Joe had gotten tickets to the Tigers game from AT&T. They all had their funky excuses so I had to run practice all by myself yesterday giving them all a great head start to Detroit.

Joe, my Dad, Tommy and I all arrived around 6:40. I think I was just savoring being in the park after a long winter but I guess it was driving the family nutso as I was taking my sweet ole time walking to the suite. In fact everyone in the room got tired of waiting for me and just finally locked the door. I did find that odd when we arrived but Joe just knocked and then the door opens and I saw lil Justin. I turned to Joe and said "Justin is here" turned back to the room and everyone yelled "surprise!" I think I was in complete and utter shock and it didn't sink in for a brief moment and then I screamed! I was amazed at everyone who was there. My two bestest high school friends whom I don't see enough of these days; friends from my ball team, lots of coworkers of Joe and I, our parents, and I was very shocked to see Austin there. My IL's had brought him down. That was huge! I can't thank everyone enough for coming and making it truly a fabulous night!

The Tiger's played awesome winning 10-2. They hit 3 home runs in the 3rd inning! Yeah! I've got a ton of pictures and I couldn't decide what to cut so they are being uploaded into shutterfly right now. It's going to take a couple hours to get them done. I will post the link tomorrow. Good night all!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a blast! So when are you girlies coming to the zoo? I don't even know when the big remodel/addition is supposed to be done. Or we could always meet in the middle somewhere! You have this idea in my head now, see what you started!

Dawn said...

Hi Kelly - Summer vacation starts May 30th for me. So anytime after that! Make it happen. ;)

Amy said...

I'm glad you were surprised! Your reaction was priceless! Thanks to your hubby for pulling all of this together with his amazing organizational skills and attention to details!:) Dennis and I had a great time at the game!

I've found a friend for life in you and thanks for all you do for my family and I! I hope you have a wonderful next 30 years!

Dawn said...

Awe Amy, you're so sweet! I'm so glad you and Dennis were there. You've become such a dear friend to me in such a short time! Here's to many more years as great friends.