Sunday, July 6, 2008

God Bless America!

A wonderful 4th of July weekend was had by the Papesh family. We did so many different family things and just had a great time the whole weekend with friends and family.

Today in church we had a mission priest who is working in Morocco. He was very interesting and though Morocco does not sound like a horrible place, it is not like the good old USA! I know we have our troubles; our economy is in rough shape, we are fighting in a lengthy war, and morals seem to be deteriorating at a terrifying pace. I could go on and on right? But no where in the world can you find a country with more opportunity, freedom, and diversity than America! I know for me personally, I am so blessed to live in this great country! The national holiday's, like Memorial Day and Veteran's Day bring a sense of pride and complete awe. So many sacrificed and continue to so that we can live in freedom. I've been brought to tears or had chills run through my body during such Memorial Celebrations. This year's sublime event for me was in fact at church. The closing hymn was God Bless America and we sang the verse that goes with it, the song just awakens some sort of good feeling inside of me. I don't know what it is. I do know that I was completely oblivious to the boys wrestling around at the time (another story). It was a rousing rendition and the place was so alive!

Here are a few pics of the wild weekend. We did so much.


sherri said...

Great pics. Glad your 4th of July weekend was wonderful, as was ours...Off to work...ugh mondays!!

Amy said...

I especially loved the picture of Austin with the sparkler!! So cute:) Sounds like you guys had a great weekend, long weekend for Joe!

I'm jealous of the boys in the sparkling pool, we are still waiting for the filter to get fixed! Some day:)

Barbara said...

Happy 4th of July! It looks like you all had a great time. Hockey in summer - impressive to this Canadian!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls!

Sherri - Hope you survived your Monday.

Amy - That darn pool! Hopefully by August right? Gosh darn!

Barbara - Yup, you Canuckleheads aren't the only hockey buffs. ;)

Jill said...

Sorry I didn't go to hockey. I think I'll go Next Monday.

I love the pictures of Austine on skates!
Sounds like you guys had a great time.

Jill said...

How did an "e" get on the end of Austin??

Dawn said...

Austine ~ hehe. He is doing so great on skates. We've gone twice a week for two weeks and every time he gets better.

I won't be at hockey next week as I'm going to IL. but it will be good for you to go for Lisa. She did GREAT!!! She had on a vintage Canucks jersey and funky mask and Gill just loved it! He took about 5 minutes telling a story that tied in with her jersey.

Also, no Jen Rohde next week so they'll be desperate for a goalie. Everyone is really missing you there. You can maybe expect a couple of messages on the site begging you to come back or maybe even trying to guilt you into coming back. ;)

Kiera Beth said...

Looks like a great weekend! I love it when a song brings that much emotion.

Dawn said...

Thanks Kiera! Songs especially can "take you back" to some far off place and definitely invoke some crazy emotions to go with some memories. Memories that may be good, or may not be so good. That could be a whole blog posting for me. *Sigh* :)

Jessica said...

Love Austin's cheesy smile in the pool :) Too cute! Logen loved sparklers this year to. Thanks for making me feel like a bad mom... I was sipping pina colada's about sparkler time and didn't get a picture of that. Blah on you Dawn!