Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time Capsule Unintentional

Summer vacation is my time to purge some of the collected crap that I finally decide I don't need. One place in severe need is the bottom of the upstairs closet. Darn it I need that space! We were talking with friends Friday night and I was saying, the boxes in that closet haven't been opened since we moved here almost 8 years ago I should just throw them away without looking. However I know what is in there. My wedding dress, unity candle, cake topper, ring bearer pillow, etc. Joe the pack rat quickly said NO, you'll want to light that unity candle on our 25th wedding anniversary. He's probably right so in the closet it stays.

But there were two other boxes in there that I decided needed attacking. Should I just throw them out without a glance, or go through them? Well I should go through them of course.

Here are a few of my treasures I found!

Hundreds of pictures! And I don't care what my arch enemy said in high school, I did have friends. ;) The proof is in the pictures.

A note from my cousin Stacie. She always signed them B/F/C/F. Best friends cousins forever. hehe

MY WISDOM TEETH!!! Why would anyone keep those? They are humongous!

My final 8th grade report card. Oddly, my two worst grades were Social Studies and Math; B's. Funny how I majored in both subjects in college. My best grade was English...barf.

A ton of my senior pictures. Maybe I didn't have as many friends as I thought. Anyone want me to send them some? Good comic relief.

All the cards I received for my 20th and 21st birthdays.

My varsity letter & a few more patches.

My high school report cards.

My Prom programs.

A 2 entry diary April 1997 ~ I wrote about losing my best friend Carrie 3 months earlier. I also said in it that as long as I lived in Reese, went to SVSU, and drove down M-81 I'd never be able to forget her. 11 years later, I know I was not exaggerating.

Oh you'll love this one. A picture of my grade school crush signed To Dawn, The prettiest and coolest girlfriend I ever had. Only thing was it was in erasable ink and I had erased my best friends name and put Dawn in myself. At least I can laugh at that now.

A glamour shot of me. A few friends of mine did it for a fund raiser for Carrie's scholarship. Too bad I didn't have any money to support the cause, I just got the free 8X10. Beautiful blackmail pic.

Tons of homely pics of me. Two of my most intelligent decisions in my life were to get my senior pics done without glasses and get married without glasses. I always remember thinking how dorky people looked with glasses in old yearbooks. Too bad I can't do anything about the hideous make-up and scare hair in many of the pics. Eeks!

Many GREAT pics of Joe. Man he was a looker! And he's all mine.

So there you have it! Now I have to go discover what's in Box #2.


Kiera Beth said...

Those are the best boxes! I am so glad to know I am not the only one who has wisdom teeth stashed in a box! I have no clue why I still have them, but it seems like I must have kept them for 15 years for some reason - LOL

sherri said...

i also enjoy looking thru them kind of boxes. I know we have a few stashed in spots around here that have been sitting for over 2 years!!

Was Carrie the girl on the motor cycle that was killed near indian town?

Dawn said...

Kiera - Yah, it was nostalgic I guess. :) Glad to know that you also have your wisdom teeth, I can't get over the roots on those things. Tommy & Austin liked them.

Sherri - You are thinking of Val Stricker, she died in August 96. It was so tragic, my brother was friends with her. Carrie and her sister Kim Keipinger were killed in January 97. Their car slid sideways on ice into the path of an oncoming car on M-81 between Knight & Portsmouth roads. Parents worst nightmare.

Amy said...

I think we must have some of the same thoughts! I've spent the past week doing the same thing! I love to clean out old stuff and throw it away!!

One thing I will never throw away are two boxes that contain all my and Dennis' cards and/or letters to each other from our early relationship until now. I love to go through and read them from time to time, reminds me of those early crazy in lust days:)

BTW - I think we all look at our old photos and consider ourselves homely looking, you are too hard on yourself, beautiful girl:)

sherri said...

Oh that you say Val's name, I do remember it was her. On the back of her boyfriends motorcycle. She was a cheerleader her junior year (Robin's senior year) and they were paulbearers. I'm sorry but I can't think of the 2 sisters you are speaking of, but I am sure Adam knows who they are. Maybe he'll get me thinking again and I'll be able to remember. We met in 94, so I am sure I've heard the names before. I think of Adam Gruber often, b/c his dad and grandpa come in the store every morning. We actually borrowed his dad's truck a few months ago, and Adam's pic was in there. His dad still drives his car, b/c he was killed in his sisters car! Such sad stories, and yes a parents worst nightmare!!!

Dawn said...

Amy- No seriously, I was a homely child. 2 nasty perms did me in. ;) I had another successful purging day. It's so easy to get throwing away things once you get started. Hehe, about your "young lust." tsk tsk.

Sherri - It's "Doug" Gruber. ;) You might not know Carrie & Kim, they kept to themselves. Carrie was my band bud. She was very quiet, straight laced, A student, never partied or got into any trouble. She was just a good girl and very sweet; a great friend to me.

Joe said...

Well, I want to contribute to the time capsule... A number of the links are broken, but here is the original web page that Dawn created :)

Dawn's Page

Joe said...

Oh yeah... BTW - I am a digital pack-rat also :P

Dawn said...

Oh my, I really can't stop laughing now!

Debbie said...

I can never get myself to throw stuff like that out, it's like your whole life in a box ;)

Debbie said...

Love the pictures on that link Joe posted. No RC though, LOL!

Dawn said...

No RC Deb! Haha! Let's see I was probably 20 when I last updated that page. I had to create it for a college class and tried to keep up with it but that HTML was just a bear, no easy blogger templates! And the pics...hand scanner baby!
That's the ancient internet! I still can't believe Joe has that page. I don't even remember my original address.

Oh, and the smart girl in the calc pics. I had a biology class in college a couple years ago and she was my lab teacher. Overachiever. ;)

sherri said...

It is Doug bad, Was thinking of Kelly's husband Adam. I knew better.

LOVE the pics in the site Joe posted!! LOL. Carrie does look familiar to me, BTW!

Jessica said...

How fun!!!! My Mom and step dad moved recently. And, found my jr high dance team uniforms. My hubby brought them home for me to put back on. The skirt fit- but, well the top not so much ;) lol
I've had 2 wisdom teeth taken out, but I certainly wouldn't have asked to keep them. My Momma has all of the teeth the tooth fairy left for her :P You should humor us with pictures of those big 'ole things!

Dawn said...

Thanks Sherri - I can't get over how much hair Joe has in most of those old pics.

Jessica - You want a picture of my teeth??? Hmmm...they are already in the bottom of the box again. Maybe I'll find them again in another ten years. ;) and for the record, that is crazy that you can fit into jr. high skirts!

Jill said...

Dawn I also have my wisdom teeth as well as my braces! I can't throw any thing away! If Mike were to clean up stairs, I would never see those teeth again!

I love your old blog:D
Thanks for that Joe!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Jill, not shocked that you have your old teeth and braces. It's just hard to throw those sentimentals away.

Glad you liked the old site. I just roll my eyes at the big glasses. ;)