Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catch Up Postie!

Seems I've been away hasn't it? Actually we've been around, just busy. Here is life in a nutshell. Each stanza is 25 words or less.

~Angie & Tim's wedding - Finally! Nice time. We also had my friends stay with us, we had four guests representing, NJ, IL, PA, and CA!

~I witnessed 2 tattoo's. It was interesting.

~Austin's MRI - went well. I get the results tomorrow. My Mom almost passed out in the recovery room though. It was kind of funny.

~Gabbie & Lupe's 50th birthday party and Damon's! Yummy!

~Softball party at the Wark's. More Yummy fun!

~Back to work this week. My classroom looks great and I'm pretty much ready for Florida guilt free.

~Meagan & Jacob's wedding - Absolutely beautiful, and we had a wonderful time. Dad & Scott were particularly entertaining that night too.

~Autumn Rose's marker was set in the cemetery. It is really nice. Joe has a picture on his blog of it.

~Enjoying the Olympics.

~Got a 30% off at Kohl's so we went crazy. Yeah!

~Chuck E Cheese - I wanted the salad bar and they had to wristband me. Are people really that cheap that they steal off a salad bar?

~Bowling party with the volleyball team. It was great to see the students again.

~Guitar Hero 3 quit working, a new disc is being shipped. Thank the lord! ;)

And there you have it! Life is good!


amy hartling said...

I was getting worried about you! You have been busy. I have been in school a week! Oh, man it has been hard. I guess I should do a list post on the happens... I checked out Joe's sight. I cried at his post even before I saw the marker. It is beautiful. Enjoy Florida! When do you leave?

Lisa said...

You have been very busy. I thought I was but I think you have topped me lately. Nice to know I am not the only one. Have a great time in Florida

Dawn said...

Awe, I'm missed. ;)

Amy - I am lucky that MI doesn't allow kids back to school until after Labor Day, try to suck out more tourism dollars. It's been the law for 2 years now. I hope your week is going well in school. Thanks for the nice words, Joe had me tearing up too with his post. I decided to leave the sap to him this time. We leave for FL on Sunday. Hopefully Fay will have moved on out by then!

Lisa - I know you are busy busy too! Especially since you guys have full time hockey now. Tommy doesn't start until 9-9. Thanks for the well wishes, I'm sure Fl will be great!

Debbie said...

Good post, oooo I hope we didn't bust G.H.!!!!

Well, with the way you eat I bet they felt like you were ripping them off on that salad bar ;) LOL

Dawn said...

Haha Deb - are you calling me a piggy wiggy? But you're right, I love to eat.

Joe said...

Nice post Dawn... Yeah it has been crazy around here lately...

Heather said...

I love how the teacher in you must refer to your "stanza's" Dawn-you are too cute. Sounds like the Papesh's have been busy! I dont remember hearing how the MRI turned out. I hope you have a blast in DW ( I know you will)

Weird about CEC and the wristband for the salad bar. Sad that people rip off a childrens fun place.

Jill said...

NO Guitar Hero?
What the!!!!

I guess if your busy that may be ok, but no one is ever to busy for Guitar Hero.

Dawn said...

Heather - Austin's MRI showed nothing surprising which is good. He doesn't need to go on any anti-seizure meds as long as he doesn't have another episode. Thank the lord! Thanks for asking.

Jill - We just got our return form for GH3 and apparently it will take 3-4 weeks to get a new one. OY!!! We just need to go take the plunge and buy the Aerosmith one. I guess Tommy was playing it at Sam's today.

Disney countdown is lesson than 10 hours away! We'll keep everyone posted.

Jessica said...

Hope you are enjoying Fl. And, staying out of Fay's way. We got caught up in it Friday and Saturday (and left Sat). Destin was a GHOST town Friday night, dinner was great... haha
Can't wait for your FL pics, and I'd love to see a pic of your classroom!!!