Monday, August 4, 2008


The trees taunt you; the sand mocks you; the water calls your name...and
they say golf is a quiet game. ~ Bob Hope

Yep we hit the ball everywhere! We were hoping to resurrect our NYC group and play golf but poor Lupe hurt her knee and was out. So it was just the three of us in our fancy dancy scramble. Guys vs. Girls!

Here are a few of the finer points of the day.

Golf Shoes - I practically stole them from Meijers at $19.99 for Nike's. They weren't in the computer but the price tag said $19.99, no other shoes were found for under $40. Yeah! I can't golf, but I look good.

Jill's dream - I'm not going to steal her thunder, but hopefully she'll post soon so you can here about her "dream" the night before golfing.

Joe's practice - In the yard before 7:00am, Joe is already out hitting practice balls. The neighbors probably thought he had been drinking or something.

Vegas/Mulligan Hole - We are all up there blasting away with our #1 woods at this 148 yd hole and Lisa W (who is running the hole) says, "can I give you some advice, no one is using their woods on this hole." Amy then looks at her with her #3 wood and says "I am using an iron." The club is made of iron right? hehe.

The Prank - Only good the first time! On I think our 4th hole, I managed to unclasp Amy's golf bag from her cart. She took off and bang bang bang go all her clubs! Yup it was great. She then proceeded to get me with the same trick twice. ;) I then got her for a final time on our 17th hole.

Her Retaliation - At one point she parked her cart right behind mine and before I could get on it again she drove pushing my cart for quite a ways before it finally veered off on its own. So I had to run to get my cart. That was a good one.

1 great shot - On the $10,000 Hole in One hole. I actually got a hold of the ball and got my drive on the green! Woot!

Divots - I think we dug up more land than an excavation company.

Gas Gas Gas - Amy's golf cart kept "farting."

The Race - It was a race back to the clubhouse after the 18th hole and I think we maybe thought we were Indy racers or in bumper cars but that hoser Amy cut me off and nearly ran me into a ditch! Biatch!

It really was a great time. We easily got last place, possibly setting a record for the worst golf scramble ever. Next year we are hoping we can stay under 100. ;) Yup, that bad. We were 36 over par. Very easy winners of the toilet paper.

The guys didn't do too poorly and finised 8 over par and too won the TP case.

On our way back to Reese we drove by my Dad's as it's on the way and we flew in to visit because he was out mowing the lawn. It was a nice surprise and he was shocked at how good looking everyone is as he's used to seeing them all grubbed up and ready for softball. He probably didn't recognize Dennis as he didn't have any blood pouring off of him. ;)

The crew stayed at our house for a few because my neighbors had dropped off a giant bag of "belly flops" Jelly Bellies for us that were deformed. Amy & Jill were making all kinds of recipes. Mike killed our bathroom and all was right with the world.

An excellent day!

Jill using the ball washer.

Another great Amy drive!

Crazy Driver!

The hook! This got lots of productive use.

Gabbie takes time out from watching for hole in ones and tees off as our 4th golfer on hole 17.

So looking pro!

The happy TP winners!

The SE gang!

It's Jelly Belly time!


Amy said...

Excellent post, Dawn!

Great time had by all! Love that part about Dennis' blood and Mike with the bathroom!

Now I have a whole year to think of how to get even:)

Jill said...

I love it, you left nothing untold.
I laugh every time I read or here your pranks. It should be a great school year.
Mike will love the bathroom part!

Lisa said...

Great post Dawn. You guys will for sure not run out of paper for a long time. Unless there is some toilet papering in mind!!! I think Theresa needs to get it for calling in "sick" the morning of the scramble. She was to be helping me. The bum.

Debbie said...

LOL, looks like a great time. mmmmmm jelly bellys!

Dawn said...

Lisa - Hmmm...finish what we almost started when she bailed on our party years ago?? I think we might be able to accommodate you. I was wondering why they stuck you on a hole all by your lonesome.

Glad you all enjoyed the storytelling! My Mom even called and left an "audio comment" on the answering and she was laughing so much that I almost couldn't understand what she was saying.

therealtommix said...

You definately should print this one - AWESOME writing. TY for sharing what sounds like a really fun day with great friends.
Ah, use for the tp .... I'll remind you: didn't someone dare you at a party? :-o

Dawn said...

Julie, you just want me to get fired don't you? All these pranks, I'm going to end up with so many enemies and I'm going to get what's coming to me in spades!

Glad you enjoyed the post.