Sunday, August 10, 2008

JoDa Adventures

Yesterday Joe and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. It seems like forever ago and we've experienced so much together, the good, the bad, the ugly. Thankfully the good far outweighs the bad and ugly thus far.

Our 12th married year together had a very interesting start.

Good - We went to the Tiger game with the family and they won!

Bad - The game was delayed an hour due to rain.

Ugly - I-75 was shut down in 2 different places and our MDOT didn't have proper detour signage and we ended up in the Detroit ghetto. Scary.

Interesting - We stopped in Flint for gas and it was 1:00am. Not the greatest area in MI. Well some biker guy comes up and asks if we have jumper cables and can we give him a jump. I'm always the compassionate one and chime in yeah definitely before the more "street smart" Joe could decline. My Dad, Joe's brother & Mother were there with us. It was quite crazy as the guy's starter wasn't working and so he had to take a wrench and try to start it and sparks were literally flying everywhere. He asked me to rev my engine a bit and after about 5 minutes Sparky got his motorcycle running.

Joe was just worried as it was 1:00am in a bad area, you don't know who this guy is he could have been some sort of crazy, plus he was worried about the electrical system in our van being destroyed by this man's decrepit motorcycle.

Once it was all over and we were safely on our way again we were happy we were able to help some stranger in need. It made for some interesting conversation for our last 1/2 hour of the trip. Joe and I went back and forth over was it right to help him or wrong, or simply crazy? Dad mentioned the story in the Bible of the good Samaritan and how no one would help and so I felt that helped my case. I have promised Joe not to do something like that when it's just the boys and I. I then also stated I would not be out driving after midnight by myself with the boys. Poor Joe such a worrier, but I love him. Can't help it.

Happy Anniversary Sweeters!


Joe said...

I was glad that we helped him, but she didn't give it a second thought, and let's just say he had issues... Anyway it was 1 AM, and we were in

Jill said...

Dawn I'm glad the Tigers won.
You are to gracious, I would not have helped. I'm not a fan of men on bikes plus the whole Flint thing!

Nice link Joe!!

Amy said...

Congrats, Dawn and Joe on such a great milestone!!

Also, I bet you were thrilled the Tigers won. Yeah!!

Barbara said...

Happy anniversary!

As for your adventure, I don't know what I would've done. Probably would have driven by. Good for you for helping but I think I'm with your husband on this one.

sherri said...

Happy Anniversary!

I would have helped if I was with all the family...being a bit leary though. Adam would have been thinking as Joe...worried about something happening to the van, 1am, and being in Flint.

Glad the Tigers won!

therealtommix said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you both! I think it is the 'ugly' times in marriage that you really see how much you really love one another. But one doesn't need TOO many ugly times in one's life.
As for the stopping to help someone - that is all Dawn and her kind, compassionate heart that Joe probably loves in her. We hate to admit that we don't live in a perfect world and there are some not nice people. But there are some NICE people who live in FLINT. Sad to think they would be left by the roadside because they live in FLINT.

Mom2Max&Alex said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sorry I didn't get to see you in person that day to say it! Glad you had a nice time at the game, but stinky about the traffic and being stuck in Flint. Very nice of you to help the biker. I probably would have too. I'm too trusting ;)

Dawn said...

Thank you everyone for the enlightening comments! I knew most everyone would be in Joe's corner. Special thanks to those of you brave enough to admit you are crazy like me. ;) Ahem, Angie.

Debbie said...

JoDa. Love it. Wishing you a lifetime more of happy anniversaries!

Dawn said...

Thanks Debbie, yup our very own celebrity couple name.

Oh and I forgot to thank Sherri & Julie for being in my corner as well. :)

amy hartling said...

11 years... seems like it flew by huh? Michael and I will celebrate 10 in March. I just remember my (20 years and 6 day)self standing at the alter saying "I do!". I was dreaming of this wonderful life. It was perfect. Well, of course the dream never happened.... and while there are a few things in life I would alter (to avoid pain) I think that I am a better person for it. We have enjoyed our lives... like you and Joe display to your love and friendship to your friends, family and blogging stalkers-jk. So around March 12-look for my hilarious, pee your pants, laugh you pants off honeymoon story. You will be surprised.

Dawn said...

Awe man Amy! You are making us wait until March 12th for the great story? Come on!

Thanks for the love though, marriage is an adventure for sure. And our priest warned us that things in our married life no matter how much we plan just aren't going to go perfect. Good words even if we don't always like it.

Kiera Beth said...

First of all - Happy Anniversary!!

As for the biker, I would have helped him also and I would have not stopped to think of all of the possibilities. I am a little too trusting sometimes.

Here is a story I thought you might appreciate along the same lines (and it may make Joe grateful that you are not like this).

When I was in college I would commute from a town about 20 miles away. Each morning for months and months I saw the same guy hitchhiking.

Some mornings I would watch him get picked up and other mornings I would see him walking. After about 6 months, I decided that it was probably safe to pick him up (it was a highly populated area and I had not heard of any news stories).

I was very curious as to why he would opt to hitchhike when there were buses that ran right up the route.

I picked him up, drove him the 3 miles that he wanted to go and then dropped him off. He seemed surprised the whole time that a college girl would pick him up (probably thinking to himself that I was not very bright - LOL!)

If I recall, he never really said why he did not ride the bus and when I asked where he was going, he told me he was going to a church to volunteer (I still wonder if that was really the case).

Even after that day I would still see him every day hitching a ride, but I decided not to press my luck.

I was dating Drew at the time, but did not fess up to this stunt until many, many years later!

Dawn said...

Kiera Beth - That is quite the story and yes you are brave. But yeah, after seeing the same guy day after day you'd think he was safe. Glad you were brave enough one day to get that experience and it didn't cost you your life or anything. ;)

Joe's Grandma used to talk about hitchhiking all the time in the 40's. I'd NEVER do that.

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry I am so late. I am the same way, I always want to help people but am afraid to stop by myself. Too funny!