Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Warning! You may get the following song stuck in your head for days and days! Spanish Mike is quite the internet craze but many of my friends have never heard of him so here I am posting this for ya'll.

My Mom will brag that she was teaching me Spanish when I was a toddler and that is why I am so smart. hehe. Sorry Mom, don't remember anything. I was impressed that she was able to understand this video; I didn't have a clue until I got the English subtitled version and realized it's absolutely hilarious.

This is also in honor of my bilingual boss Gabbie who hails from Argentina. She was very impressed yesterday with my increase in Spanish language and it's all thanks to this song!


This version has the subtitles.


Jill said...

Love it my son had to sing it for me.
Never heard of him before.

Dawn said...

Ha Jill, yeah I was wondering who all would even understand it. Should I have posted the subtitled version instead?

sherri said...

post the sub-title too, as I was in French classes in HS not spanish...Drew had spanish in kindergarten then they stopped, so he wouldn't know any! hehehe

sherri said...

loved the sub titles...i did get some of the words without it of course, just the basicas though....too funny!

Amy said...

Where, when, and how do you find these thing? You continue to amaze me, Dawn:)

Dawn said...

LOL Sherri, the basicas.

Is that impressive amazement Amy?

Shall I post more of my favorite internet celebrity videos? hehe.

Amy said...

always impressive, Dawn;)