Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Fun

The boys survived their first week of school. I was nervous the last month with Austin because he just wasn't interested in Kindergarten at all. He finally got excited for school last Monday when we were packing his "book pack." He now calls it a book bag. ;) Oh, he's learning so quickly. He didn't give me any trouble taking him to school and you can see by the smiles he was ok. A Mom took pictures of the kids individually that morning in the class and Austin is sitting at his table writing and he looks scared out of his mind; he looked like he could explode into tears at any moment. I'll treasure that pic. I know he has cried a bit in class but not everyday and except for some whining Ms. Kristine says he's doing well. He's definitely interested in school though and doesn't give me any grief about going in the mornings. He comes home singing his number songs, practices his writing on a white board and will ask what letter a word starts with. So if you can't tell, I'm estactic that we've had such a great intro to Kindergarten!

Tommy is also doing well. I've been impressed with his handwriting and how it's improved seemingly. Although maybe I am just comparing his to Austin's?.? Tomorrow I have his first Sacraments meeting. He makes his 1st Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Confirmation this year. Very big year for young Thomas.

My class is great! I have 15 firecrackers and so far so good. I haven't had any trouble getting to school in the mornings either. ;) Yay!

Hope all of you that have young one's back in school have made a smooth transition into the new year. Fun times!


Heather said...

Glad school is going well for all 3 of you so far. Tommy looks so much older this year, I cant believe it. I love, love, love the toothless grin. And Austin looks so proud!

Dawn said...

Thanks Heather - Tommy seems huge lately. His legs just seem so long, his hockey pants really show his growth. He is also going through more of a modesty phase too. Nothing too crazy yet, but he's definitely more private about being naked when he's thinking about it. Other times not so much, he still wants me to wash his hair in the tub but he can handle it on his own in the shower. I guess he is almost 8. Good thing I'm getting a replacement little one. ;)

sherri said...

Such cute pictures. I am so glad to her Aus is doing so well. Can't believe Tommy makes his 1st communion this year! WOW. i remember when I did that...oh so long ago!
Anyways, glad to hear all is well. The boys are growing up so fast! I sure miss them!

Lisa said...

Dawn, glad the transition to school has gone well for Austin...He will be just fine. They grow up so fast. Soon you will wonder where the time has gone. You have really cute boys they could get by on their looks alone!!!

therealtommix said...

What handsome young sons you have! Special years for both of them with Austin starting in kindergarten and Tommy have a big sacrament year. You and Joe have a lot to look forward to.

Amy said...

What a great mom you are, with first day pictures and all. (I forgot to do it!) They look so happy! Great job!!

Both Lauren and Emily will also being making all their sacraments this year, too! Interesting times:)

It is going to be a good school year, soon we will be crazy with the Christmas program;)

Yikes, then you will be crazy with a BIG belly, sonagram pictures and happiness, not that you and all of us already aren't! But I love baby bellies Can't wait:)

Then, the baby will be here, hopefully not beginning at school, huh! That was my fear, to gush at work, didn't want to do it there.

Next, up - Cedar Point, so sorry you can't go and are going to leave me with all your firecrakers:) We will miss you, but you will be home snuggling with a beautiful and sweet smelling baby, the best!

What an exciting year we have ahead of us, I can't wait! God is good!!

Don't know where all this came from, as you can tell the time, I was up early (3:30 am). I must just be overcome with life and how truly great it is, regardless of all the ups and down, I'm thankful for all the blessings in my life: my husband, children, family, work, friends, etc! What more could a girl want? I'll stop I promise, now before I head into becoming delirious:)

Dawn said...

Thank you all! They certainly grow up too fast!

Amy - Great postie within a postie. Who is going to ride the Dragster with you if I'm not there? I'm hoping to go to the Point! I'll try to bring Grandma with me to watch the baby. ;)

Amy said...

I'm there! Amy

Barbara said...

Those boys are pretty handsome! Glad to hear that things are off to a great start. School is still a couple years away but it terrifies me.

Dawn said...

Thanks Barbara! Oh little Bennett will be there before you know it and you'll be asking yourself "where did the time go?" Crazy time, it never stops.