Friday, September 19, 2008

The writing's on the wall...

After much hype, not only have my beloved Tiger's not made the playoffs but after tonight's loss I guess they won't even be going 500. Eh, it happens. I stick with 'em. I bet a pop with a few of my students every year in our "Pepsi Crown 500" and this year I have to pay up, nothing new as I lost in all those other dismal Tiger years. I thought the students betting against me this year were crazy! But I guess you just never know.

There are still a couple shining points left for the season possibly though. Magglio is battling for a repeat performance as AL batting champ and Miguel Cabrera could possibly be the leader in HR's. There's still hope for some Tiger roar.

For me personally it was a great Tiger's year. I had the awesome surprise party for my 30th in April and then I went to two other games on my real birthday and anniversary. I finished the season 3-0 for attended Tiger games! Yeah! Austin is 4-0 lifetime. I am bringing him with me to all future games until that streak ends.

As crazy as the Tiger's make me, they are still my team and I'm hoping next year will be better. No fair-weathered Tiger fan here. However, I'd be a liar if I didn't say I'm all loving the Tampa Bay Ray's right now with all their hype! I hope they can somehow win it all. They are kind of like the 2006 Tiger's. No one ever expected them to do this well. And another great thing is the Yankee's are simply 2 games away from being eliminated from playoff action for the first time in over a decade. Oh cheers! I just need them to lose two more, or Tampa Bay, Minn. or Boston to win two more and they are out. Yeah! At least that dynasty has apparently crumbled (for at least one year).

Oh my beloved baseball. How will I survive until February when spring training begins again? :)


Debbie said...

And a year with no spilled cawfee ;)

therealtommix said...

How do you survive until February w/o your beloved Tigers?! NP - it's time for college football! :-)
Go Green Go white GO MSU beat ND!

Heather said...

Aw- Poor Tigers...cheer on my White Sox for me :)

Dawn said...

Haha Deb - You just aren't going to let that go are you?

Julie - Oh you and your football. I just can't sit down and watch college football on tv. I see State beat ND yesterday so yay for you!

Heather - Eh, the Sox wouldn't be that hard to stomach if they didn't have that weirdo Ozzie for their coach. I can't stand that guy!

ellen :) said... fellow Tigers fan!!! My dad and I are very often ragged on for our loyalty...what can ya do??!! :)

BTW---- HUGE CONGRATS on the new baby on the way!! I know this is WAY MORE than a day late and a dollar short...but I just got around to catching up on your know how the new school year goes!! ;)

Hugs and best wishes,
Ellen :)

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Dawn said...

Ellen - Thanks for the congrats, I totally understand being so busy so not worries.

As for our Tiger's, I'm starting to wonder if they will win another game this season? We're battling for the basement. Eh, it'll make next year sweeter.

You have mail.

Lisa said...

well, Dawn I was at the yankee game on friday night and as you know they won..also they swept baltimore. It really was awesome to see them win for it was the last time in the old stadium. So I am also sorry about the tigers but next year is a brand new ball game..lets hope we have a better year as well

Dawn said...

Lisa - Them darn Yankee's. I wouldn't put it past them to win their final games and Boston to lose their's just to make their last season at Yankee Stadium that much more dramatic. Hopefully next year will be better for our Tiger's.