Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hi-yo Silver...Austin's teeth

So I think I blogged last summer about him needing to get 2 cavities filled and what a horrible ordeal it was. In March at his check-up he was fine. So imagine yesterday my shock and horror when at his check up they discovered numerous cavities. I stopped counting after he pointed out four and said the word "crown." My four year old - well he'll be five when his work is done, has to have a flipping crown on his one back tooth. And I don't know how this is even possible but he has a cavity between his two front teeth as well.

Many of the cavities they'll fill with tooth colored filling but the crown will be silver. The tooth fairy will get a nice silver tooth when he is 12.

It was awful, they make the parent's wait in the waiting room and I could just hear him screaming back there. Tommy was with me and he kept saying "shouldn't you go back there and make them stop whatever they are doing?" Uh, torture. It was crazy, I never recall hearing him scream like that. He got out and you could just see that he was "shell-shocked" he didn't say anything and I said "geez, what were they doing back there I could hear you?" and he started freaking. There were twin boys in the waiting room at this point and I could see the look of terror in their eyes' wondering what was in store for them. Thankfully he calmed down fairly quickly.

So I had to go back and meet with the dentist and I felt about 2 inches tall once I was done. He went on about how tough it was to do anything because Austin wasn't very cooperative and they want to sedate him next time. Fine, whatever. He then says, "he gives you that kind of trouble brushing his teeth at home right?" and this is terrible but I lied saying yes. He doesn't give me trouble, he just doesn't do a good job and apparently I don't either. I'm sure that the sugar drinks he has are a culprit so that is our next plan of attack, getting rid of those. But what can I say we love our pop and our kool-aid. I haven't had a cavity since I was a kid, Joe's had one his entire life and Tommy has none. How come Austin has the crappy teeth?

The dentist also mentioned seeing an injury on the x-rays of his front teeth. Just another thing to make me feel like crap. I don't know what happened, all I know is Aus falls a heck of lot easier than most kids.

Needless to say I felt pretty darn deflated after leaving. I had class last night so Joe met me in Saginaw and we had dinner. Joe's ready to find a new dentist because it was such a bad experience and he made me feel like a crumb but I don't think there are any other specialists in our area. And I'm sure part of it's me and my hypersensitivity right now. But emotions aside, Lord knows how much we'll pay this time for this out of network pediatric special dentist. But what do you do, our family dentist took one look at him last summer and said "he needs a ped's dentist." I guess if we have to see this "great" dentist I'd like to not feel like a bad Mom when leaving.

Ugh, thanks for letting me vent a bit!


Jessie said...

So sorry Dawn. Even if you made mistakes(not saying you did) he still doesn't have the right to make you feel ashamed.

Hope Austie is ok!

therealtommix said...

I agree - seems like you should be able to find a dentist who will work with Austin and help him: not terrorize him and scar him for life against dentistry.
I know somewhere I read that last trimester of pregnancy is the most important for the development of teeth and bones. Tell Amy you need ice cream EVERY DAY.

amy hartling said...

You might look into a second opinion. It seems awful fast for cavities to form in such a short time. I once was told I needed work in all four areas, but when I moved and saw a new dentist, it wasn't so. It might be worth checking into, plus such a bad experience.

Amy said...

I wouldn't go back, seriously!

Regardless of how many cavities or whatever, no dentist has the right to make you feel horrible or to continue treating Austin while he is screaming and such! What a crappy guy!!

Why the need for the ped. dentist? He would love my dentist, it is a girl too, and I am allowed to go back with the girls whenever they want or need me.

I would find a new dentist, one with better patient care manners and then call this guy and explain exactly why you won't be coming back, give them the ole' Papesh honesty!!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls for the advice. I think I will be calling a dentist that Sherri recommended about a 2nd opinion. (Thanks for the ring Sherri)

I'm not sure I could give the ole "Papesh" what for to the old dentist. You know how big of a wimp I am. I'd probably just cancel and never go back.

Julie- Thanks for the chat earlier. That could very well explain a lot.

sherri said...

Any time Dawn! I hope you call her and go see her. She really is amazing with my boys. Please let me know! Shoot, they would probably even know us by Drew with his tongue if you mentioned something to them...they are super nice there! I hope you at least go for a second opinion with her, then you can choose which 1 you like better! Was good to chat with you on the phone for a few! Hope Aus is ok! : )

Debbie said...

Ugh, I can't believe the dentist would treat you or Austin that way. I don't understand why they would not let parents back there at this age!

I think a 2nd opinion is a great idea - i'm sure poor Austin will be scared to go again though :(

Jill said...

My poor little guy.
I hate the Dentist. I had a mean guy when I was little,now I need drugs before I go and after just to relax.

I hope you find a good Dentist.

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb & Jill

Can I just say I love you all? Thanks for the support.

Heather said...

Poor Austin-ITA about trying another dentist. Some kids just have soft enamel teeth-dont let that guy make you think your a bad mom.

Dawn said...

Thanks Heather

Barbara said...

I'm with everyone else. It might be time to find a new dentist. He's not being helpful and it's not worth that kind of stress for you or Austin. As a previous poster said, it might be worthwhile looking more into the cavity thing. I seem to remember reading somewhere in all the reading I've done since Bennett's diagnosis, that there seems to be some connection between cp and cavities.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're a great mom!

Dawn said...

Barbara - I've also heard of the CP link too. Something about the kids muscles being laxer and so they don't swallow so well and it leads to cavities. It could be a billion things. Thanks for commenting.