Sunday, September 14, 2008

Retail Therapy

The constant rain is such a downer. Joe's ballgame was obviously canceled so we went to Genji's for lunch then hit the mall. We were good and only bought a few things but it felt GREAT to spend a little $$. Penney's was having a great sale! Do you ever wonder if stores just psych you out with sales? I never buy anything for the regular retail price anymore. Makes me wonder have they seasoned me with high regular prices and the sale prices are truly the regular prices? I don't know if I buy anything that is not on sale these days. I think it must be some very intelligent marketing scheme. As it was I don't think I saw anything not on sale and you also got an extra 15% off if you used your Penney's charge.

For those of you who don't know, Genji is a Japanese Steakhouse and you sit at tables of 8 and the chef cooks for you. We sat with this family that was a couple probably in their 50's, their 19 year old son, and his girlfriend. The couple was celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary and she just seemed kind of "cold and stuffy" and I knew when they ended up seating us together that she was probably thinking along the lines of "oh great, we have to have our wonderful meal destroyed by this young family with two wild boys." But when we were leaving she said to me, you have two very well behaved boys at dinner. Made my day. The boys were in fact excellent by the way, I guess it helped that we were all starving after church.

Well I guess not too much else is happening. The boys are still doing well in school, they both seem to enjoy it. Austin did get in trouble on Friday. He was out of his chair at lunch playing duck duck goose. He apparently thinks he's the class clown. I told his teacher and she took him aside after lunch and he broke right down upset. I'm glad that he wants to please his teacher. Hopefully that is the last of his clowning around. There is a boy in Young 5's and he pulled the fire alarm 2 days in a row. At least Austin doesn't do that. Although in fairness, I guess one day 2 years ago Joe was picking up the boys from latchkey and they were coming in from outside and Tommy accidentally pulled it because he was jumping and hitting the wall. But still so far so good this year.

Will sign off. I hope everyone is staying dry.


therealtommix said...

It does appear that the area has received a little bit of rain the past couple of days. :-)
I hear you on the sales. You just wonder, why don't they just mark the items at the 'sale' price in the 1st place and maybe even MORE people will buy things.
Fire alarm pulled 2 days in a row - oops!
May this week be full of sunshine for you and your family.

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie, big day today. I'm glad you made it home safely. Hopefully there aren't too many fires waiting for you to put out when you get back to work.

Heather said...

Retail therapy always does a body good :P Poor Austin and his first oops. I am sure he learned his lesson. :)

Amy said...

I always love spending money, and like you, I only buy most things when they are on sale. My kids know they have a better chance if what they want is marked down:)

Genji! Why does something so good have to be so hard for me?

Next, time, remember the take out rice:)

Dawn said...

Heather - No bad Aus reports so far this week. Cross my fingers.

Amy - I promise to bring you some rice next time. We actually thought about calling you guys for Sunday but I know you've been banished from there. We'll have to go down to Benihana's again sometime.

Jill said...

So glad to here Austin and Tommy are doing well.
Thank goodness for rain so you could get some nice family time in.

Red Lobster as the all you can eat shrimp this week, so I think I have to take my family (Mike) out to eat as well.

Have a great week!

Dawn said...

Jill - I WANT TO GO TO RED LOBSTER!!! Lobster bisque soup seems to be one of my cravings I've had. I was so sad in August we went to the one in B.C. and they didn't have it. Darn!

Hope everyone is getting healthy in your neck of the woods and you all enjoyed the game last night.