Monday, October 20, 2008

Hockey & Language Arts!!

This weekend started the official league games for Tommy's team. He had 3 exhibition games where they went 1-1-1 so we're looking to be a middle of the road team. This weekend in their first official games they got trounced 8-0 in Detroit (by a Catholic group no less, Orchard Lake St. Mary's) and were victorious 6-3 against Flint. Tommy got a goal yesterday too. Yeah! It's been exciting. Remember last year how we waited until February for him to get a goal? Now he's had 2 in his first month of games and he's still playing defense.

Tommy's coach was my coach in the spring and I just adore the man. He has two grown sons, one who was drafted by the New Jersey Devils and he also coached one kid who grew up to win the Stanley Cup. The man is seriously impressive but is also the funniest dude you will ever meet. I also think it's a positive that the kids are being coached by someone without a child on the team.

When Tommy heads out of the locker room he isn't usually chattering about something that happened in the game, he's talking about what swear words Coach Bill said that day. He's learned about the "oh shit zone" and yesterday's phrase was "if you see the other teams ass you're going the wrong way." Of course when Tommy repeats this stuff he'll say "OS zone" and "A Word." I'm glad it hasn't slipped out for real yet. I shouldn't laugh at the language but I told Joe I'm cool as long as no F bombs are dropped.

This weekend we have our first tournament action in Southgate. You're always guaranteed a good time at a tournament even if your team does terrible.

In other news...

*We had an awesome wedding to go to this weekend. It was fun to watch the drunkies.

*I got an A on my paper in Astronomy. The class is very interesting but it's hard. I worked hard on that paper and it feels good to be rewarded with a good grade.

*Austin is still doing well in Kindergarten.

*I went to bed at 7:30 last night. Isn't that pathetic?

Hope all is well in your realm. I can't believe we are in the last half of October already!

***Edited to add*** One more thing about Tommy's coach. He told him his only homework was to work on his "goal celebration" before bedtime. Joe and I are trying to teach humility and Bill wants him to work on his celebrations. Aye Carumba! See why I love this guy?


therealtommix said...

Congrats! on the great grade on your paper. Now we know where the boys get their smarts from!
Good luck with the hockey language. With so much on television, gaming, and movies, it has to be very hard.

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie :) I know what you are saying about today's media. Even the ABC Family channel commercials aren't safe. I was mortified last night when the boys were watching Ninja Turtles and a Desperate Housewives commercial comes on and Carlos and Gabby are talking about blind you know what! Darn it I don't want to explain that to a 7 year old!

sherri said...

WTG To all of you on your paper, Tommy on his goal, and Aus for doing good in school! We'd definately love to come to a game, and now with me not working, should be able to fit a game in, so please let me know where to find a schedule!

Just wait til Tommy is a bit older and asks you what some things mean. Drew asks questions, or says things, and I ask him what that means, and he knows, but is embarassed to tell me...for example...1 of Bryce's home work papers said HUMP and Drew saw it and just laughed....I tried to play dumb and asked him why he was laughing and what it meant, and he told me that Molly did it to Bryce one day...AHHH LOL He does crack me up with some of his explaninations, LOL So just wait! He told me one day the boys were all playing smear the queer at recess...I asked him what it meant and he said, you tackle the guy with the ball....LOL Works for me. I just want him to live in a bubble forever although I know that's not possible! Anyways....LOL let me know Tommy's hockey schedule!

Jill said...

Dawn I loved Bill as a coach 9 years ago when he coached Steve in peewees.
That was a long time ago!
He was great with the young kids and parents as well.
Glad to hear Tommy and Austin are doing well.
Great job on your paper!)

Kelly said...

ummmmm, astronomy paper?
i must have missed something...
and i never got an invite to your preggy blog?
maybe cuz my login is no longer my actual email?
I WannA see you all cute and pregnant!

Dawn said...

Thanks all!

Sherri, I will get you a schedule. His next home game isn't until Nov. 1st so I've got time.

Jill - So love Bill, you are bad saying on Joe's blog that Tommy needs to work on his celebration. ;)

Kelly - Yes, I have astronomy this semester. Bah. What email address should I send your invite to?

Kelly said...

ummmmmm, my actual email address is
but my blogger login is still under the old one
so? not sure how the whole private blog thing works....
Are you going back for your masters? Hope your pregnancy is going well!