Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Defunked by the Simpsons

Hello all, it's been a rough couple days. I've just been in a funk it seems. In fact I've just been blobbing on the couch doing nothing and feeling blue for the past couple hours. But the Simpson's have raised my spirits.

It's the episode where Nelson and Lisa kind of start liking each other. (Nelson is the bully) Well I wasn't really watching but at some point Lisa asks Nelson to play her a song on the guitar. He ended up singing my all-time favorite teacher dissing songs.

Joy to the World
the teacher's dead.
We barbequed her head!
What happened to the body?
We flushed it down the potty
and round and round it goes.

I think I remember years ago my 3rd/4th graders singing this and it just cracked me up.

Life isn't so bad around here or anything but the economic crisis, impending election, my astronomy class, oh everything is just kind of taking a little toll on my psyche.

I know I'm emotionally tender and all right now, but it's just silly how one person can say something that just sets you over an emotional cliff. I think I need to stop talking politics or reading politics or listening to political talk, I need to stop watching the news, I need to stop reading the newspaper, and I need to stop reading BabyCenter.

So with that I am getting off the couch and going to play guitar hero with Tommy. Co-op career, maybe Santa will bring us a 2nd guitar so Tommy doesn't have to play the game with the Wii remote.


Debbie said...

We can't be happy all the time, right?!?! Glad the Simpsons cheered you up!

Barbara said...

We all get in a funk sometimes. Maybe I'll have to try the Simpsons sometime - I've never watched it in my life.

Hope things start looking brighter soon!

Jill said...

Oh poor Dawn then we did the whole political talk at lunch. Sorry!

Hope you get out of your little funk, how ever we are all there at some point.

Good old Simpson's!!

Dawn said...

Thank you girls!! Such love.

It's Friday and all is well. I'm feeling much better now.

Sorry for the "funk" post. I need to not be such an emotional wimp.

And yes, must love the Simpson's. My class and I can pretty near quote the movie and I shouldn't admit it but Tommy can too. Been watching it since I was in the 6th grade and it debuted.