Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hockey Tourney

Back in the saddle. The boys (and 1 girl) won big time last night killing the competition 11-2. Everyone on the team had a point; either an assist or a goal. Tommy had an assist. So it was a good team effort. We had our one girl get her first goal of the season at the end of the game (buzzer beater) I was cheering and then turn to see Austin "cartwheeling" down the bleachers before landing on his head at the bottom. We were only in the third row thankfully but amazingly he only cried for a little bit and didn't even have a bump or scratch. Whew. The Mom's were certainly worried about him, he is one beloved little boy.

This afternoon they played a Canadian team and they had some older kids. We held with them through the whole game and were tied 3-3 with less than 3 minutes to go when an awesome kid busted in 2 goals within like 10 seconds to put them ahead. They then iced the game with an empty net goal.

We are playing a team that is 2-0 in the tourney tomorrow morning so our run may be over. But hey we are happy to get the one win last night.

The hotel has free breakfast and free drinks in the early evening so that is where Joe is. I'm sure you're shocked. I just read his twitter about hockey tourney's being rough with all the drinks. Oh boo.

I just got done with the boys swimming and now they are playing the Wii. Our room has been as Tommy calls it "party central." The Wii has made him pretty popular and last night Joe taped the game and had that on so that also made our room a hot spot. Fun Fun.

We have one family here that has the stomach flu. Oh Lord please don't let us get it. Of course they are right across the hall from us. The boy didn't play yesterday but did play today, his Dad is sick now. Ick. At least let us get home to Reese before it strikes! Puking is the worst!

We are staying by the Detroit airport and you can see the airplanes taking off and landing. It's pretty neat and the boys enjoy watching them.

Well hard to believe but I guess I've rambled enough. I'll let you know how tomorrow's thrashing goes. ;) 8:00 game, yawn.


sherri said...

Glad to hear the cartwheeling down the bleachers was only minor...poor guy! What a trooper!
Glad they all got either a goal or an assist! That's great and brings up their confidence!
Ha Joe down having a few drinks, leaving pregnant Dawn at party central! What a guy, LOL j/k
Enjoy your weekend in Detroit! Have fun at the other games! Reese lost Friday night! boo hoo
Take care!

therealtommix said...

WTG Tommy and team. May they always have a good time in their sport win or lose.
Party Room Central - best way to be cool parents but also know where you kid is and with who and what they are doing. Smart parents!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls, yup fun weekend. Tommy lost 6-0 this morning so it wasn't too long of a day. He played well.

At least the kids had to go to bed early, many of the parents were hurting this morning. Not me though, I went to bed early as usual only to be awakened at 12:26 by a Bay County Blizzard test text. Dorky husband trying to show one of the Mom's how it works. I was not happy.

Oh and I got my first ticket ever this morning. Turned right on a no turn on red signal. So ticked, Joe didn't see the signs either. Bunch of crap! 6:39 on a Sunday morning I guess the Romulus cops gotta make hay on us out of towners. So it has been quite the weekend.

sherri said...

Sorry you got a ticket! That's poopie! : (

Amy said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time.

I'm with Julie about being the place to be for the kids.

That stinks about the ticket! You need to talk to Lupi!

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy and Sherri. Yeah, the ticket blows. Hopefully I can get off with no points.