Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dodging Summer Boredom

With baseball of course! Tommy had a tourney this weekend with his 8 & under team and got 2nd place. He is also on the 9 & under team but didn't play with them because they were in a 10 & under tourney. Last week he had practice every night, sometimes 3 hours with both teams. He played pretty well but was by no means flawless. He played 2nd base and every time the ball would get hit to him my heart skipped a beat because he tends to throw wild and I just don't have the confidence with him on the field like I do when he is on the ice. Anyhoo, he'll stick with the 9's now since he played with them last year. I don't know, he says he'd rather ride the pine with the 9's then be great with the 8's. (Like my hokey rhymes?) I guess with him on the pine I have less stress. He's having fun though so I guess that is all that matters. And we are having fun hanging with great parents and watching America's favorite past time.

Down & Ready Reese!

Hoping to score from 3rd

The Reese Rockets

Sherri's puppies enjoy their day out at the game.

Runner Ups


Amy said...

Great pictures! Glad Tommy is having so much fun playing baseball!

You are such a good rhymer, maybe you should teach English:)

Amy said...

Hey, I just noticed you changed Ashely picture on the right side of your page! It is cute, but it is also the biggest one of all! No prejudice, though:)

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy, I think I'll leave the English to you though. I was having so much trouble sizing her photo this morning and then she was squawking so I just let it be that huge once I got it to fit at all. I guess I should rework it now that she's sleeping.

Amy said...

Oh, Dawn just giving you a hard time:)

Jill said...

Great pictures of Tommy and team, the dogs are cute also.

The picture of Ashley must of been changed. She is a cutie!!!

Barbara said...

Great pictures and great rhymes!

sherri and Adam said...

great pics, was suprised to see the puppies...but i do remember you snapping that picture! Hope Tommy has fun with the 9 yr olds!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls!