Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Crazy Week ~ Happy & Crappy Style

Happy - Ashley has been sleeping well again and so have I.

Crappy - Our basement flooded due to a sump pump switch failure and monsoon rains. We are still drying out.

Happy - Austin lost his first tooth! He was so brave letting Ms.Jill yank it for him.

Happy - Tommy lost his 7th tooth!

Crappy - I flunked my EKG at my doc's office.

Happy - A visit to the cardiologist and running on the hamster wheel gave me the all clear.

Crappy - Little Stellan the Internet celebrity is doing poorly again with his SVT. So many people are praying for him to recover. I know many of you readers are following him too. It just breaks my heart.

Happy - Our ball team is doing well. We won our first game yesterday and got rained out the 2nd game. We'll try to finish out the tourney next Sunday.

Crappy/Happy - It pretty much rained all last week but we did need it so it's all good.

Happy - We had two awesome parties at the Bojo's. One with the school staff, one with the ball team.

Crappy - My Mom's van broke down when we were at Sam's Club. What a day...

Happy - Cleaning the basement I've found more memento boxes. Who can say that they still have the shirt they were wearing when they shared a first kiss with their future wife? Joe also has his Chuck E Cheese uniforms, his Super Science Team shirts, and other crazy shirts. Our kids are going to be spitting someday cleaning out all our crap. I can just see the garbage pile that day.

Happy - I'm looking forward to the St. Elizabeth golf outing this weekend with the Bojo, Muylle, and Wark families. FORE!

Happy - I learned how to play "Spoons." I don't know how I managed to live 31 years without being schooled in this.

Crappy - Due to the sump pump crisis I had to sacrifice the big sale at JCPenney's and the closeout at Education Express! DOH! I was looking forward to the Penney's sale. :( I'm sure I'll live.

Crappy - My house looks like a hurricane hit.

Crappy - My van looks like a hurricane hit.

Happy - I found the rest of the baby toys we'd packed away in the basement.

Happy - I have no appointments the rest of the week!

Happy - Ashley's a healthy little critter. 25 inches, 14.4 lbs at 4 months. She handled her shots like a champ.

Happy - We are going to Disney World in 27 days!!

I guess life is still good with the Happy's winning over the Crappy's. But I tell you what after the prime of my life post things kind of went south and I feared I had jinxed myself. Sleep - bad, Heart - Broken, Basement - Flooded, Flower Garden - Weedy, Diapers - failing. Hahaha, no life is still good. Be thankful for everyday.

Keep praying for Stellan, I know things for his family are definitely not good right now.

6:20 ADD CRAPPY - Our grill just burned up but thankfully our dinner hadn't been thrown on yet! Like major flamage and smokage, Joe putting it out with the garden hose kind of fire! Our neighbor came out and says "I guess you'll be eating your steaks well done." Isn't he witty. ;) Hardy har har! His grill is open right now maybe we'll be heading over there. My mercy it's been a rough week! Joe was calm, I was less than calm. I kept waiting for the propane tank to blow! What on earth will happen next?

Happy - Oh yeah, and Happy Belated 2nd Birthday to my blog. :)


Debbie said...

Oh Dawn!!! You really do need this coming vacation! lol!!! I love your stories - you always have a way of putting them that cracks me up!

Austin looks adorable :) He'll catch up to big brother yet ;)

Praying for Stellan.


mrs.notouching said...

Happy happy birthday to your awesome blog!!! Let the happy always win over crappy! And OMG! you have you first kiss shirt?! That's amazing!

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb - You aren't kidding about us needing our vaca! I'm glad you don't think my nutty stories are Lame-o. I enjoy sharing them.

Daiva - Thanks! And yep, Joe has his 1st kiss shirt. Such a dork. And 16 years later I still smooch him occasionally.

Amy said...

It has been a crazy week for you guys, but that is how we stay on our toes!!

I'm so glad your appointment yesterday didn't turn up anything, major prayers answered!!

I don't think I even remember when our first kiss was! You two are so sappy and such super stock pilers!

I enjoy sharing in these happys andcrappys!! Cheers to many more happys and crappys!!

Kelly said...

I'm laughing WITH you not at you, really I am....
Glad you came out ok on the heart stuff and everyone is healthy...
Our basement flooded TWICE this spring because of the sump pump.
We just FiNallY got the drywall up, mudded, etc. Now we need to paint and do carpet. Not my idea of a good time spending money.

Dawn said...

Amy - You don't remember you & Dennis' first kiss? Shame on you! Or maybe we are just nutty saps. And life definitely keeps us on our toes eh?

Kelly - OH NO on your basement! That is misery. We are guess are lucky in that our basement is not finished. It is in the plans but not for a couple more years probably. Good luck with your work. Ick!

Julie said...

Happy/Crappy - that is every week and we wouldn't appreciate the happy days as much if we didn't have the crappy ones. Thank you for sharing and I sincerely hope your days ahead are more happy than crappy.
Happy blog anniversary. Time to send year one to print.

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie - Here's hoping for many, many, more happy days down the road. :) And you are right, the crappy make the happy better. So insightful you are.

Jill said...

I know Joe is happy you missed the sales, with the vacation coming up. But there will be more sales.
I love to read your Happy/crappy blogs.
Hope for good weather this weekend.

Dawn said...

Thanks Jill - I hope we have good weather too.