Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Joe's A Go!!

Joe Louis Arena that is!! We were so down a year ago when we lost by one goal in the semi's. This year the boys wouldn't be denied!

Tommy's 2001 Bay County Blizzard won their quarterfinal and semifinal games today in the most exciting fashion. The first game they won 3-2 in a nail biter. Tommy scored the 2nd goal to tie it up. It was great and was the first goal I got to see. He actually had only scored his first goal a few weeks ago and I had missed it because my class was having a pancake breakfast.

The 2nd game we were winning 3-1 with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game and the other team came back and tied it sending us into overtime! So deflating. Our guys ended up winning in double OT. It was 3 on 3 play and Tommy scored the winning goal after a teammate did most of the hard work bringing the puck down the ice!!!!! To say Joe and I were excited is the understatement of the year. The team went crazy as did us rabid fans.

Now we have to wait until March 14th for the finals. We have another tournament as well in early March. I think we will just savor the last few weeks of this very special season.

Following the big tourney win in December, 2K10 is shaping up to be an excellent hockey year for the big guy. In January the families took a tour bus down to South Bend, Indiana and got to play on Notre Dame's ice. The following weekend they were in another college town, East Lansing and got to play on MSU's ice. They won the governor's cup tournament that weekend, with the final game also being won in sudden death overtime. This team is just clicking and playing so well right now. We'll see how long we can ride out this winning streak.

Capital City Showdown Champs on the Spartan ice!
Touchdown Jesus at ND
The team at Notre Dame

The super fans at Notre Dame!


Julie said...

What a GREAT year @01blizzardwhite (love following them on twitter) is having this year. Congrats!

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie! Glad that you can follow the team and it's nice when I haven't been able to be at a game thanks to having the handy IPhone.

Renee said...

Congrats to the team and the families. I bet you guys are so excited. Can't wait to hear all about the big game.

ellen :) said...

Yah, that's awesome! :) Way to go!

Dawn said...

Thanks Renee & Ellen! We're pretty pumped to go play on the Red Wings ice!

Kiera Beth said...

That is great news! Go Tommy! I love hearing all of the hockey stories!

Are you playing this winter Dawn? I loved seeing the updates you wrote on your games :)

Dawn said...

KB - Thank you! We are so excited for the 14th! And yep, I still play on Monday nights. Having a great time and feeling in great shape.

Jill said...

Way to go Tommy on that big game winning goal.

What a great hockey family you have with the blizzards.