Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The kid's amazing.  Yearly the high school basketball team and coaches host a youth basketball camp and the boys decided to go.  They loved it!!  I was of course worried about Austin but he did wonderful.  It was a week long for an hour and a half.  They had lower hoops that Austin could do well on and had separated the kids into skill level.  I noticed the first day that Austin was in a group with all girls but he didn't care one bit.  I'm thankful there that he's pretty happy go lucky in that regard.  He seems to get along well with everyone.

They ended up giving out trophies to a few of the kids and I'll be darned Austin got one for being Camp Hustler.  Maybe being in that group with all the girls??  haha  I was pretty proud that he was picked; I know some of it is sympathy but I'll take it.

When Austin was finishing up Tommy's group would be arriving so we'd watch a bit and he always had a smile on his face.  I had Tommy video once and it's too long to post but it's awesome to hear Tommy & his gang cheering for him and one kid clearly said "Austin is so cool."  Kids are pretty awesome.  They don't scare from disabilities so much and I'm thankful.  Austin has a great gang of kids in his class that I know will look out for him forever, as long as Austin stays a nice kid I suppose anyway.

Back in school we had a pep assembly and everyone had to go around the gym with a bean bag on their head in a relay race.  Austin's team was last and Austin was the last kid to still go and all the kids started cheering him on, "AUSTIN, AUSTIN, AUSTIN" as he's going around the gym all by himself.  You should see the nervous smile he puts on for that.  Pretty near the same thing happened during another assembly when they played musical chairs only the older students were the chairs and the younger kids had to sit on their knees.  Once again it was Austin near the end and the chants were going again, "AUSTIN, AUSTIN, AUSTIN" and I'll be darn this time Austin won.  I think a little bit of help may have happened as I know the "chair" yanked Austin onto his knee at the end.  All that to say, I know people say kids these days are all jerks but I clearly know some kids who are not. 

Here is a video from Austin's first day of camp.  They're playing dribble tag and you can see he does pretty well.  I didn't notice until watching it that the girl who gets Austin out should have been out earlier as she clearly lost her dribble but she just picked up and kept going instead of going out.  Little Cheater Girl!  There I go picking on little 2nd graders; bad me!

I know Austin will never win any basketball games all by himself but I'm thankful he gets to play ball with his friends and have fun doing so.  During the scrimmage he was kind of like a monkey in the middle.  He'd run down to the end of the court and the ball would already be coming back the other way, so he'd run that way, and you get my drift right?  I never saw him touch the ball during the scrimmage.  However, he never seemed to tire and seems to be running very well.  I guess that Camp Hustler trophy was legit.


Amy said...

Dang straight, that trophy was legit. Go Austin. I think other people truly admire kids like Austin. They have to work a little harder, but they don't quit. Less face it, that is pretty inspiring to anyone. Yes, Austin is so cool. I love that kind of spirit.

It is also refreshing to hear about how the kids are there. We don't get out much, but I think kids are afraid of Emma---or totally perplexed. But, she is hurt much more than Austin, so I guess that is the way it goes.

Austin, you ROCK! This makes me so proud of him, and I don't really even know him... I just feel the wonderfulness of all this.

Sheila said...

Woo hoo, Austin! We've been lucky at our school with the other kids too. So far everyone treats Malayna like a queen. When I go to the school kids say "hi" to her that I don't know, even the older kids. It's really sweet!

BandLmom said...

Great job Austin!!!!!! The kids cheer him on because he has heart and he tries his best! He can certainly hold his own and I think the kids respect that. His cute little smile and little wisecracks don't hurt either;)

Dawn said...

Amy - Thank you for your cheers for Austin. We are pretty proud of him. Someday things will get better for Emma. That is so sad to think of kids being scared. I really think having Tommy as a big brother kind of paving the way helps. Hopefully as kids get older their understanding will improve. Another happy story, our local high school this year elected their Homecoming Queen who has CP? I really don't know much about her except she has it and has a sporty twin brother with no disability. Kind of neat.

Sheila - Thanks! So awesome to hear that Malayna is treated like a queen. That is indeed sweet.

Amanda - You hit it on the head; but I'd say he's rather corny. Oh drives me nuts sometimes. "What grade are you in?" he'll respond with "college!" DOH such a doof. Thanks for the support!

Julie said...

I know you have heard it before - disability doesn't mean inability. Austin is always going to do it 'his way' if he is allowed. Go Austin, Go!!!!

Dawn said...

I love all your great sayings Julie! :)