Friday, June 24, 2011

No soliciting please

I love this picture.  I took it about a year ago.  This was the parting gift the St. Elizabeth class of 2010 gave me.  I never thought I would have a beautiful statue of Our Lady to adorn my home.  They are quite pricey.  I was absolutely thrilled when they unveiled her to me. 

A little joke with Joe was that maybe she would keep the religious proselytizers away.  Well she hasn't. We got a few visits last summer and this morning some poor JW lady got me in my pajamas and also saw Ashley & Austin in their undies.  She didn't stay long, just wanted to invite us to their big event at the Dow Event center and gave us some literature.  These people are always so sweet and I would never dream of being rude to them, heck I've even prayed with them.  I'll always listen to their spiel and usually say thank you but no thank you I'm very solid in my Catholic Faith.  But I wish them well and they're usually on their way, no pressure. 

I do however find the commission salespeople particularly annoying.  Poor Joe had to deal with the book dude who finally tracked us down last Saturday morning.  The neighbors had warned us he lingered for about an hour when he talked with them earlier in the week.  Joe must have told the guy a nice "no and I'm about to have breakfast" three times before finally getting rude and pretty much slamming the door in his face.  And seriously couldn't the dude smell our bacon cooking? 
I guess the Lord does a good job of sending the religious people to me and the sales people to Joe. Maybe I should find a Jesus statue that has him holding a "no solicitors" sign.  Eh, that might be a bit tacky.  You can however buy this cute guy on Amazon. 

Me personally, I hate soliciting and just am not good at saying no or at being told no.  I could never be a salesperson or a Jehovah's Witness for that matter.  But to those who are a hearty good luck to you; it takes all types to make the world go round. 

And P.S. - I'll still buy your Boy Scout popcorn, Girl Scout cookies, pizza kits, etc.  So don't be afraid to send your kid my way even after the above rant. ;)


Julie said...

I love that sign!!! What about the telephone. Even with 'no call' many nights we get a call exactly @ 6 pm - dinner hour. Usually a politician. Gr-r-r-r

Dawn said...

Oh yeah I forgot about the telemarketers! Thank goodness for caller ID. Usually I just let it ring but other times I'm feeling feisty and will fight them off. Politicians...ugh!

Amy said...

I love that pictures and that sign.