Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Boy and His Phone

Look at me, another post in one week. Seems kind of early in the summer vacation season to have my middle of the night can't sleep post. It's Ashley's fault.  She woke up at 2:15 to go potty and has been off and on up since then too.  I think she finally just settled down but I'm not tired.  It's hot out too.  Weren't we supposed to get storms? 

We finally caved and bought Tommy a cell phone recently.  And of course it had to be a an IPhone.  Mind you it's an Iphone 3 but there is still part of me thinking why on earth spend $25 a month on such a luxury?  Well I'll tell you why.  My husbands a nerd and that's just what we do.  ;)  We finally got one because he started riding his bike to school.  He's also been staying home alone more often and it's just nice to be able to check in with a text message.  I know all of us survived without one back in the day but now that we don't need to why would we try and ignore technology?  Same with helmets.  I'm still a nut about the kids, "you don't wear it, you don't ride."  And thankfully they don't balk, and I don't believe they are given any crap about it at school either. As for the Iphone, Tommy was quickly trumped when a girl in his class was given an Iphone 4 soon after he got his.  I can't believe my "gotta keep up with Jones' in geek speak husband" did not go right out and upgrade him.

I guess this is the age because a few hockey friends have got phones now too.  They are all about texting him but Tommy doesn't seem to be too into that.  Oh to be always connected.  I think when I was his age I was always on the phone.  And blasted those days of long distance charges.  My dad would get so mad when we'd get the phone bill.   At least with Tommy we shouldn't get any crazy extra charges, until the day he goes bugs in the app store. 


Amy said...

I totally agree with you. If the technology is there, why not use it. I think having the ability to check in periodically would be wonderful and allow you to relax more when you give Tommy some freedom. Good choice.

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy - And of course with the "find my iphone" app. We will always know where the phone is. Will be great for keeping an eye on his butt when he's a rotten teenager. ;)