Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College for Knowledge

So I started another semester at SVSU. Teachers are kind of like doctors in that we are constantly learning; updating our credentials to better serve our students. You have to have a plan when you do this, most teachers work on a masters degree. I chose to get a science minor. So I have the great pleasure of taking classes with young kids. Every year I go back and feel more like a dinosaur in the classroom. I'm taking geology and the teacher reminded me of Forrest Gump. He spoke in a long drawl, kind of like Forrest Gump. I have to write a paper in this class and keep a journal. Such a PITA for a freshman level class. On our break a kid was walking with me and started saying, "the internet was right" and went on about how our professor is terrible and was raked over the coals on ratemyprofessor.com. I checked it out tonight and sure enough it looks like I'm in for a long semester. So not cool.

So it was 11 years ago that I started college. Some days it doesn't seem so long ago. I know on my first day I was crying at Taco Bell because I had to eat alone. I was so embarrassed/lonely sitting there all by myself. Funny thing was it close to a gas station and while I'm eating I see Joe pull in the gas station on his lunch break from work. I threw away all my food and almost got hit by a car in the drive thru, and ran through a ditch to get to him. Life is so much easier with cell phones for sure. Anyhoo, I cried and cried in his arms thinking I'd never survive the loneliness of college. I can only roll my eyes now as I go back yet again. We'll see how another semester goes. Life is getting busy, that is for sure.

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Joe said...

LOL - Thanks for the chuckle about you running from Taco Bell over to the gas station!!!