Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

And Joe! We made it! 10 good years.

The Disney trip has been great. Fun and relaxing! I think we've spent more time relaxing at our hotel in the pool than we have in the parks. Tommy is officially swimming with no help. He's like a little fish and will jump in, dive for rings and is just doing a great job! Austin is doing great too. He will go under water like it's nothing. Today we went to the French Quarter pool and they had life jackets, with muscle swimmers as well he was able to motor around all by himself. He loved it! Both boys also went down the water slide. They are so awesome!

Tommy lost his first baby tooth the other day too. He was very excited.

It has gone by too quickly, Sunday will be here before we know it. :( Oh well, I know we will be back. We always come back. As Mickey says, See You Real Soon!

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Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary to a very happy couple!