Friday, August 17, 2007

Disney Pics and other Tidbits!

Joe went way overboard with the pictures so I cut it down from well over 400 to 213 pictures. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Here is the link to shutterfly as it would be unreasonable to post them here.¬ag=1

Tommy lost another tooth today. It really was lost too, we can't find it anywhere and he didn't even know when it had fallen out. I didn't realize it was that loose. So now he looks like a real hockey player. He had a hockey shinny today and did well. I'm excited that the season is starting up again.

Ok, I'm cracking up over here at the Viva Viagra commercial! Give me a break! Too funny what they come up with. Now we've got an incontinence commercial happening. Gotta love late night television.

Joe is saving the World....OF WARCRAFT! He has made it to the ever so important, cataclysmic, climactic, pinnacle, highlight moment in the game; The ultimate Level 70! I'll never see him again. ;) I guess he got a bunch of cyber high-fives. I'll never understand it.

Well thanks for reading, I've just about made it a month here on the blogging front. Longer than 2 weeks for sure!

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