Saturday, February 9, 2008

22 seconds of fame & video games

The Saginaw Spirit office called yesterday to talk about Tommy qualifying in the fastest skater event in the Shoot, Skate, Score Competition. He gets a jersey with his name on it and we can get all the tickets we want to the game at the discounted price of $7.50. The family is all crazed about this and we'll probably have a huge crowd for him even though it is literally 22 seconds of action for him. Oh well, it's exciting. Tommy's school buddy Tony and his brother Shane who is in my class also qualified for events in their age groups so we will be able to see them compete as well. No big deal as we love the Saginaw Spirit and would enjoy the game without Tommy on the ice anyways.

Tommy made out like a fat rat for his birthday and decided to go buy the PS2 game Rock Band. We got it home last night and it isn't working in our unit. So Joe and Tommy are off to GameStop to buy a new PS2! Apparently we are made of money. I'm perturbed that the PS2 is only 3 years old and won't play it. I have an antique Nintendo that still works and is probably over 20 years old. Ridiculous! I love my Nintendo btw, I'll spend hours on it in the summer months. Mike Tyson's Punchout and Thunder and Lightning are two of my favorites that never get old. I have yet to beat Thunder and Lightning, which is a game like Brickles so I imagine that is why I still play it.

We are still loving the Wii, especially GH3 though I have plateaued in my skills. Austin's favorite Wii Sports actually broke so we went a week without that game. Joe called Nintendo support and they sent us a new Sports game for free. The lady loved Joe's story about Austin being able to play the unit even with his CP. I'm sure that helped our case. Tonight we are having a gaming party with Sherri & her family. I'm sure it will be a good time!

Happy Saturday to you all! :)


sherri said...

Please let us know when Tommy is playing in his 22 seconds at the spirit game. If it works, we'd love to go watch. We've been to 2 spirit games this year. The boys enjoy going.

See ya in a few hours....can't wait

Debbie said...

Your house is full of fun stuff! I'm jealous ;)

buggirlmom said...

That is a bummer about the Wii sports breaking-- good thing they replaced it for free. We are really thinking about getting one with tax return money... it is so fun, but Evy isn't really into games like that yet-- so it is a kind of selfish purchase.

Joe said...

Here is an article so that you know the Wii thing with Austin wasn't just a lame excuse we created to get Santa to bring us a Wii :)


Dawn said...

Thanks all for commenting. Funny about the Wiihabilitation!

Amy - GO FOR IT, Evy will be able to play with it soon enough. ;) For now you can practice.

momtoablessing said...

I am obsessed with guitar hero 3 I have it for xbox360 and I have beaten the game on easy and medium working on hard