Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Snow Day!

And I love them! One great thing about Michigan is the four seasons. Winter used to be my absolute favorite season; though as I age I tend to enjoy the summer warmth a bit more. Maybe I just like my sleeping in on summer vacation. ;)

Yesterday it snowed heavily all day and they released school at 1:00. I've had at least one snow day every week in the last 3. The wind was just howling last night and we have some pretty significant drifts. It is just gorgeous out today. Very mild out to compliment our foot of snow. I think the last time we had snow like this was in Dec. 2000. We were moving into this house. I love this big snow, I'm anxious to take Tommy skiing again. If there is ever a weekend when we are not too busy we'll have to go.

Austin and I went out and cleared the driveway. I then ran him around on the sled for a while. He Loved it! I enjoyed the exercise. Too bad, I didn't last long. I have no endurance for running. I need to work on that.

I hope you are enjoying the weather. I feel somewhat bad bragging about the weather with the tornadoes in the south. My sympathies certainly go out to those people. Unbelievable in February. We had a lightning storm on Monday night. The weather has been "weird." You can't deny nature's power.

Tommy's birthday party was nice. I still can't believe he is 7!

Hope all is well in your realm. Everything is great here except that our cleaning lady couldn't venture out today. Oh Lord No! The agony! Our cleaning lady is the most hard working lady around. We sure do appreciate her and we definitely miss her when she is gone! I will "try" to do a little cleaning myself. Oh the horror! There is nothing OCD with me at all, especially not cleaning. Sorry Jess I really wish I was a bit more like you in that regard.


sherri said...

Cute pics. I had to work from 2-10 last night, i left at 8pm, b/c Dawn came up with her 4 wheel drive. I was SOO scared driving home. My 15 minute drive took me an hour and ten minutes in that stuff!!! I saw MANY cars in fields and all over the roads. All had help coming. No plows out at all. I was suppose to work today, but am working tomorrow instead, therefore, took the boys out on the snowmobile!!! What a blast, til I got it stuck in a drift, it out and went again. Hope we're still on fro Saturday, although it depends on the roads for sure. Have fun...Birthday party looked fun!! Austin is getting so big!!

Joe said...

Nice Post Dawn! The sidewalks look pretty clean :) Good job, now I won't have to do it after work... Austin is definitely our outside boy. He looked like he was having fun.

Love ya,

Debbie said...

I am so impressed at your posting pictures - you don't do that often! I love 'em! Austin looks so happy in that sled! Love all your snow :)

Kelly said...

You lucky girl! Unfortunately my employer has only closed once in the last 5 years for snow! I just wanted to say thanks for your continued support, Tuesday was pretty hard once I let it hit me. I am still looking for the right thing to remember her just for me. I want something with me all of the time and I want it just for me. I did find a really cute necklace, but it seems ridiculously overpriced, but then I feel bad for putting a price on it. I don't know.... Anyways, I hope you had a good snow day!

Dawn said...

Thanks for commenting everyone. Another snow day today. Love it!

Kelly - I'm sorry Tuesday was tough on you. Totally understandable. I'll be in DC with my students on my due date. I'm hoping I can be "tough." I hope you are able to find something that works for you to remember her by. I'm sure the perfect thing will come along and there will be no doubt. It just might take longer than you want.

buggirlmom said...

I am jealous. In Oklahoma we have another beginninng spring like week- highs in 50s lows in the 30s. I enjoy winter- but usually only if there is snow-- it makes the cold worth something!! I like to wear flip-flops too much to like cold weather. Off to school... I have some "weekend" work to do- moving classrooms and bullentin boards.

Dawn said...

Amy - I bet ya'll talk cute down there in OK. I have an Uncle and some cousins that live down there. I love that accent. Good luck with your school work. I need to head up to school today too since I haven't been up there since Wednesday. I forgot about my poor guinea pig! EEKS!