Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Current Life

Here are a few pics from the weekend. Our good camera lens is in for repair so I don't have any good action shots. Hopefully we'll have it back before his season ends. Again is was a great time!

Here is the latest Austin funnies. He's gone from being a potty mouth to everything "stinks." Many mornings he'll wake up grouchy complaining "I don't want to go to Mrs. T's" and I'll ask why and he'll say, "because her stinks!" Ask if he wants cheerios for breakfast and he'll say "no" why? Because "they stink!" We will get ready to leave and get in the van and he'll complain, "I don't want to take the van, its stinky (which he may have a point there but that is a another story)! Tomorrow is our family's turn to help in his classroom. Grandma is going, do you think he wants her to go? No...why? Because her stinks! This game stinks, Tommy stinks, TV stinks, everyone and everything stinks according to Austin! I don't know how he gets on these little kicks but man it's hard not to laugh. Terrible I know! I love him to pieces but I know he is going to give me more than a few gray hairs through the years.

I've started up the new volleyball season. I hadn't planned on coaching this year but here I go again. Now that we've started I'm excited to do it. I enjoy it and hopefully the kids will do well. The 5/6 team will be coed this year, the last time we had a coed team we absolutely killed everyone. We won every game of every match until the championship and then absolutely choked and got 2nd place. That same group of 5th graders ended up winning it all during their 7th & 8th grade seasons and are now freshman in high school. They were awesome! We'll see how this year goes.

I haven't played any GH3 in weeks so I busted it out tonight. I was stuck on the last 3 songs of hard almost a month now. I finally beat two of them tonight. Only one to go and then the battle with Lou and I will have conquered hard! Yeah!

It's hard to believe that March is days away which means that spring is right around the corner. I still haven't gone skiing but am hoping to schedule a class trip for the 13th. Scary thing with that is the snow could very well be gone. We'll just have to hope not. After the 13th, spring can arrive.

Hope all is well in your realm.


Mom2Max&Alex said...

I haven't commented in awhile. Yay for your great weekend at the tournament. I love the pictures! Austin's stinky talk cracks me up. He is soooooo cute!! Hopefully it will be a short lived phase. I'm sure you'll do awesome at volleyball and I know you'll have fun!

sherri said...

Austin is TOO funny. Adam and I left bad for laughing at him for some of the things he was saying when we were there, b/c I know how frusterating it can be...but like ya said, i love him to pieces, and he is just too cute.

Cute pics. Glad to hear the tourney went well.

GL with volleyball.

Debbie said...

Ahhh, no way man - Spring is so allowed to come before the 13th ;)

Dawn said...

Thanks for commenting girls. Austin actually said he loved his one daycare teacher today. I about fell over from the shock!

Heather said...

Sounds like the Papesh's hada great weekend! Bummer about the championship loss, but it sounds like they had one heck of a streak going.
Austin is hilarious with his everything "stinks" attitude. I can just picture him saying it.