Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tommy Scored!

It was his first goal of the season and it was so sweet. They were losing 3-0 at the time and somehow he got the puck in the defensive zone and he got by a bunch of kids and shot it beautifully on a breakaway. I was so excited and jumping up and down screaming like a crazy lady. The whole crowd was excited as they know we've waited all season for a goal. He plays defense so his chances are few but he has had a few shots on goal that just haven't gone in. I ended up sitting down right on my nachos as I was in la la land. That was cute too. ;) The team won the game 5-4 too! Woot!

Hopefully Joe got some good video of it and he can post it on his blog since Apple Computers are SO great with video! Bug him until it happens!

**edited to add* Thanks Joe


sherri said...

WOW tommy great job!!! I promise we will make it to a game this year!!!

Dawn, let me know if you guys are busy this Saturday afternoon/evening ish..... 2/9

I am off and would love to get together for a WII/GH party with you guys.

Kelly said...

What a proud Mommy moment! I can't wait to get Kenzee involved in something so I can cheer her on from the sidelines! Congrats!

Debbie said...

Woohoo, Great job Tommy!

LOL @ Nacho butt :)

Dawn said...

THANKS GIRLS!! I'm one proud Mama over here, nacho butt and all. I don't know whether it was the crunch that gave me away or the "OH SH!T" I exclaimed but the spectators loved that too. ;)

Sherri - Saturday sounds great!

buggirlmom said...

Dawn-- I watched Joe's video-- what a great shot... you should be gushing with joy. How sweet it was for you! And then a birthday on top of that... what a busy week!

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy! Yeah, it was a pretty good week!