Friday, June 6, 2008

Austin the Insult Comic Kid

My poor Mom got a good insulting slam from Austin yesterday. If we are not careful he both may end up needing sensitivity training. Sorry Mom if you are reading this, but being this is my diary I just can't let these funnies drift away to the far off reaches of my sometimes overloaded brain.

Anyways, we were out shopping at Kohl's and my Mom was trying on some sleeveless shirts. I mentioned something about her "bat wings" in a certain shirt and Austin chimes in with "fat wings!" LOL, you can bet we laughed about that one. Good thing she is such a good sport especially with Austin's humor.

The only thing missing is a gold bow-tie and cigar and Aus could be Triumph from Conan's show. He's got the insults down.

Switching gears, Tommy had a ball game tonight and he made his pitching debut. He only threw 2 pitches when the kid got a hit to short. They then called the game because the big storm was coming. It was a doozey too! We made it home just before the horizontal rain and monsoon winds arrived. The neighbors lost two huge pine trees! It was crazy! Tommy starts playoffs tomorrow so he might not be pitching again, it was cool to see him on the mound though, even for just one batter.

On our first day of summer vacation I awoke to a lake in the kitchen. Our freezer had quit working and the Popsicles, ice cream, and ice cubes among other things were melting. Oh stress. Thankfully it was just a part and a fairly cheap fix. Mess mess, the fridge is now running and looking brand new as it got a good scrubbing. I guess that is a positive. Hopefully we will not have anymore broken appliances, that would not be good!

Have a great weekend. Ciao people!


sherri said...

Aus is soo friggen cute!!

We drove up to Reese b/c Drew was suppose to play at 7:15, and the storm came a rolling in. It was a bit scary. Our lights flickered a bit, but no big deal!!

Amy said...

So honest, the Papesh family is!! It is a good trait to have:)

Tell Tommy "Good Luck"!

Sorry about your freezer, glad it was a cheap fix, but a total loss on the "goods".

Good luck Sunday, knock 'em dead!!!

Dawn said...

Sherri - I saw one kid walking up to the park when we were heading home. I hope that he was close to home or found some shelter. I think he was on Drew's team. It was definitely a scary storm.

Amy - Yeah, kill em with honesty. I will tell Tommy good luck. Thanks for the well wishes for tomorrow. We will definitely miss the Bojo Mojo infield combo. :)

Debbie said...

We've had some doozie storms here too! Love your stories ;)

therealtommix said...

I can just see Austin making his comments to his grandmother: straight face, freckled nose: just a natural born comic!!

AGH! freezer death. What an awful way to start summer vacation but then again, never a good time.

Pine trees make me nervous - we have a whole row of them next to our house. Great wind blocker but they grow so shallow roots - makes me nervous sometimes in storms as they are so close to our house.

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb, glad you enjoy my crazy books here.

Julie - I never realized pines had such shallow roots but you are right that would make them a little more volatile! And yes, freezer death is so tragic! And finally, I think Austin will drop a few notches in your view when he throws his first barb your way. ;) Hope it isn't too big of a stinger!

Heather said...

Austin is too funny! I bet it was so cool to see Tommy pitching-hopefully he will get another shot at it soon.

Jill said...

Hey Dawn, I happen to love all these great little complements from the little man!
Great game yesterday!!

Dawn said...

Hi Heather - Probably next year he'll get to pitch. They are in playoffs now so only the best will pitch. That's ok though.

Jill - Great game to you too yesterday & of course today with the ball! Good times, good times! I can't believe tomorrow the BC hockey session ends. Thank goodness they're picking it up again.

Barbara said...

Great story - that little guy is so cute! Combined with that sense of humour - I think you're going to have lots of fun when he gets older!

Dawn said...

Thanks Barbara - I worry about just how much "fun" I may have with him. ;) He is a silly boy that is for sure.