Monday, June 2, 2008

Like Sands through the Hourglass

Just a little plug for my favorite soap. But my does it seem like the days in my life are a flying by. So much excitement going on in our lives right now. This post will both THRILL you and CHILL you!! Eh, maybe not.

Oh my goodness, the Penguins just tied the hockey game with 34.3 seconds from the cup! Oy, looks like this game is going to sudden death! Oh my, what an exciting game. I just hope we end up on top.

In my hockey action tonight, the Blue Angels played Jill's purple burple team and by golly we won 1-0! Poor Jill has been sicker than a dog today and the goal was one of those fluke shoot from behind and bounced in off of her I think. Our goalie Tammy was amazing!! She stopped so many shots. The coach bumped me back to defense today and I could have cried when he told me but the end result looks good. But Tammy seriously saved my crappy butt tonight! I don't like defense but he already told me that is where I am playing next week for our playoff. Grrr!! I was so happy to see my Mom, and coworkers Julie and Lisa in the stands tonight with their husbands. For a week I get bragging rights!! Woot! Jill and I are reunited Saturday with the Hat Chicks for an away game against Lapeer. Too cool.

Poor Jill's day was awful as Fr. Bill made her some of her beloved homemade whipping cream. At lunch she said she was going home to rest up for the big game and so some of us got into her whipping cream. Then Julie, goes and drags Jill back in to defend her whipping cream. Darn Julie, we see who she loves. ;) Anyhoo, us staff members decided to get even with her and while cleaning out a supply room found a life size cardboard cut out of a man. I ninja'd my way past 3 office workers including Julie's office and placed Mr. Man in the bathroom. It wasn't 10 minutes after and there is a message over the loudspeaker, "SOMEONE NEEDS TO COME GET THE MAN OUT OF THE BATHROOM!!!" Success, he freaked Julie right out! It was great! Way to go team!

School is out for the students already and tomorrow is my last work day. It was a GREAT year! One of the best years I've had teaching. Yay! I will miss this class. We had a nice send off for the 8th graders on Saturday night but my one poor boy was also sicker than a dog and threw up the whole night but didn't want to leave. Bless his heart. It was definitely a graduation that I will remember every year. He left his mark. Poor Joe is not feeling well today either so some sort of nasty germs are going around. Ick ick!

Tommy got a very good report card and should have no trouble in 2nd grade. Amazing that I have a 2nd grader. He was asked to be on an 8 and under Reese baseball team so he will be playing baseball through July now. The summer just gets busier by the day.

Yesterday our Stockmeyer Sod Farm coed ball team had our first game of the season. We won with a 15-0 mercy. Everyone played great. It was so not like our team, I don't think we've ever done that. We'll see if we can keep up our winning ways next Sunday. Joe & Dad played awesome going 2-2. Dad bought a $200 bat and it seems to be helping. Lance had an over the fence home run!

Austin and Tommy went to the St. E summer camp today for childcare while I worked. I about died tonight when we left and Austin pulls his pants just past his butt and says my butt needs some air, it's sweaty. Oh please Lord don't let him do that with people around. The kid kills me with comedy.

5 minutes into sudden death overtime! I hope the Wings can pull it off! So many chances!!! It's good to be a Detroit fan these days!


Dawn said...

Oh Lord have mercy, going back to Pittsburgh. DOH!!

Gosh darn it!

Time for bed.

therealtommix said...

Stopped my heart with the man in the bathroom trick. Shouldn't do that to old ladies!!! and since when is your name PYREX? :-)
It truly was a memorable graduation evening. Every year since you've been 7/8 grade teacher, graduation has been special and I just think to myself, how can she top that? And she does!
Go Chicks with Sticks! You guys rock!
HAPPY SUMMER - and beware, I'll not forget the man in the bathroom gag. Maybe he should go to the Chicks with Sticks game??? Softball game??? You know, like, 'Where's Stanley'.

Jill said...

Dawn can you believe it. Darn Wings!!!!
The man joke sounds like it was fun, for some reason I can see that man hanging around for a while.
You did a good job on D!! Can't wait for Saturday! GO Hat Chicks!!!!!!

Austin is to funny.

sherri said...

Hope Austin's butt aired out!!! He's so darn funny.
Darn wings....we couldn't stay up that late, both fell alseep watching, but I had been up since 4:30am that morning!

Dawn said...

Julie & Jill - I saw Gabbie put the Man away yesterday, or maybe she just wants us to think she did. I don't trust anyone, thank goodness I am going on summer break today. Neener neener neener!!! It will be interesting to see if he shows up anywhere in the near future.

Thanks for the compliment on the graduation! It was an exciting night.

Sherri - Austin and his butt. Oy vey! I hope the Wings can pull it off tonight.

Debbie said...

Ahhhh Austin cracks me up. My boys love to show their bums too -- why why WHY?!?! LOL

I love your title and intro, lol

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb - Glad to know that your boys have the bum fascination as well.