Friday, June 13, 2008

My next 30 years...

I definitely remember thinking 30 was old and seemed like forever away. But the years just seem to keep coming faster and faster. And like the Tim McGraw song, sure I want my next 30 to be better than the first 30. However, unlike him I don't feel like I have to totally reform my life to make that happen. Thank goodness.

With age comes life experience and as long I keep learning from my mistakes and surround myself with good people, my next 30, 40, 50 years down the road should be great, God willing! With of course those curves & speed bumps we never can plan for along the way.

Life truly is a journey. When I married Joe, Fr. Jim joked about it being a short aisle at our church but marriage being a long journey. The following song lyrics are meaningful to me because first of all, Austin loves it, he just blurts out that refrain since it's so repetitive; and secondly it speaks volumes to me about the sanctity of our lives and my life personally as Dawn. I don't know how God picked my spirit to live in this body but it's been an amazing journey so far and one I feel has maybe really just begun!

Strength for the Journey by Michael John Poirier
I will be, I will be,
I will be strength for the journey.
I will be, I will be,
I will be strength for the journey.

1. There is a road meant for you to travel.
Narrow and steep is the shepherd’s way,
and as you say, "Yes,"
letting me guide you,
I will be strength for the journey.

2. There is a cross meant for you to carry.
There is a cross meant for you alone,
and as you bow down
in humble surrender,
I will be strength for the journey.

3. How many times have you doubted my word?
How many times must I call your name?
And as you say, "Yes,"
letting me love you,
I will be strength for the journey.


amy hartling said...

Sounds like some perspective I needed this week... Thanks! Oh, and Congrats!!!! on your goal. How exciting. Enjoy this weekend.

Lisa said...

Dawn, that was an awesome blog. Sounds like something I need to live by. Hope you had a great birthday. You are right, never know what bumps will come. Just know that you have friends who will stand by you and help lead the way.

Dawn said...

Thank you Amy & Lisa!! Glad I was able to hit on something for you both. Maybe with 30 I'm becoming a more empowering writer. ;) Ha ha.

Jill said...

Well said Dawn, hope the next thirty are as good as the first.

Dawn said...

Thanks Jill! I hope so too!

therealtommix said...

I love that song and it is so perfect. Life is a journey and one that we are never alone on. What a wonderful sharing Dawn. TY.

Heather said...

Welcome to the 30 club, Dawn. So far, its not bad. :) Here's to have a wonderful next 30 years.

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie and Heather! :)