Saturday, June 28, 2008

The losing streak.

Big T has his Reese 8 & under ball tourney this weekend and is so far 0-2. He's handling it okay; so dramatic at times. Get this, he was upset that the other team celebrated their victory before shaking hands. Joe promptly reminded him of a few instances where a certain someone would go tackle his goalie after a win, followed by a bunch of, but, but, but Daddy. The scene ended with Tommy having to take a cool down lap around the high school track. He's definitely overtired and an early bedtime will hopefully remedy the attitude. He played well in his games but probably his play of the day was when he was running to 2nd base and beat the ball there however he slid too short and ended up being out. Reminded us of Willie Mays Hayes in Major League. The kid runs so slow, another time on 1st his coach said, "come on Tommy skate to 2nd base." His hockey rep. precedes him. So add on the last hockey games and Tommy is 0-8. Oh well, losing builds character right?

Between games we had an impromptu get together here with a couple of other families on the team. It was fun and the boys got their uniforms dirtier in our field than on the baseball field in a rugged football game. Last night we were at the Andriot's swimming. Poor Kevin was grilling out in the pouring rain when one doozey of a storm dropped in. A very close lightning strike sent a little electricity through Kevin. Kind of crazy. It's true that your kids definitely brighten up your social life. We've met so many wonderful people through hockey, baseball, and of course Babycenter. A quick shout out to my BBC girls, you all know who you are. ;)

And for a little more craziness. We had a leak under our bathroom sink. Joe has it fixed but not only have we lost our freezer goods from the freezer death earlier in the month; now we've lost some toiletry goods from drowning. Oh what next? The place is falling apart.

Here are some pics of the boys in their maroon and gold (and Amber in green)! The future Reese Rockets?!?


Kiera Beth said...

Great photos! I love the story about the celebration. One to remind him of many years from now at the high school graduation party :)

Bummer about the bathroom. I am very impressed that Joe could fix it though. We are awful at home improvement!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer, thus far with baseball, traveling, swimming, etc. You will have to come swimming in our pool! If we ever get it together:)

Sounds like Tommy's games are fun!! Great idea about the cool down around the tract! I'll have to remember that. Good pics!

Amy said...

aargh!! Spelling error!!! Sorry, I wish there was a way people could go in and fix those errors.

BTW - I like your new photos of the family on the right side of your blog. Nice!!

Jill said...

How many games do the boys play this weekend! hope Big T got good sleep!!!

It's so nice that you have married Mr. Fix it!!!

Amy said...

I'm a comment hog for this post:)

Wondering? What's with the Papesh adults and pictures with them and wine?:)

therealtommix said...

First I noticed the new pictures of your boys - LOVE THEM!!! What a handsome crew and Dawn, your flowers are beautiful. So colorful and bright. I liked the picture of you too.
Losing builds character - sounds like something parents say and kids just don't get it, but whatever.
Hard to believe the 1st month of summer vacation is nearly over. Of course, some would say, you are saving the best for the end: your trip to Disney.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! The boys won this morning though it was a nail biter. They play in the consolation game at 2:00. Then the Sod Farm plays at 4:00. Rush rush.

Kiera Beth - Yeah, Tommy is my drama queen. Probably the funniest thing is sometimes he'll go up there and make the sign of the cross before batting. He thinks he's Pudge Rodriguez. I just shake my head, the fans seem to love it.

Amy - We would love to come swimming. What's up with this fancy pool? Is it giving you fits. And LOL about the wine, that was our anniversary. And oh my did I have a lot of wine on Friday night. The room was still spinning yesterday morning. If there wasn't a ballgame yesterday we would have been spending the night.

Jill - 4 games total and Tommy wouldn't go to sleep last night. We've already had one mini-meltdown today but he quickly apologized as "Mommy was right!" Will see you at 4:00, tell Mike I need him at short today.

Julie - Thanks for the flower comments. The lilies come up beautiful this year. And yes, June is over and it went by quickly. July 1st (well the 2nd for you this year) is almost here and YOU can hopefully relax a bit. I miss chatting with you but I know the whole end of year deal. And end of summer for you means a new daughter-in-law! 2008 ain't it great, now that we're about half-way through it?

Thanks again everyone!

Kelly said...

I love your new sidebar photos. I need to do something like that, we'll see how long that takes:)
I can't believe how much of the summer is already gone. Looks like you are keeping plenty busy and having a good time at it.
Let me know when you are coming to Deb's, I would love to meet you girls too!

Dawn said...

Thanks Kelly! I'm glad you like the new pics. I would so LOVE to meet you!! I'll definitely make it happen!