Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going Nuts for Free Stuff

People have tried to explain it to me but I just don't get it.  Why do people go nuts for free things?  Yesterday was 7-11's birthday and they were giving away free 7.11 oz slurpees.  Do you know how dinky that is?  You'll have that drank before you're in your car to go back home.  I heard one gal on Facebook say that she and her kid went numerous times yesterday for free slurpees!  Seriously, a giant slurpee might cost you a little over a buck?  Why do people go so nuts for free?

We went one year to the 7-11 event and they didn't even give you a lid! Plus, I spent a boatload in snacks while there.  7-11 knows what they're doing.  Just gotta reel the people in. 

How about the crazy people that stood in line at Buffalo Wild Wings for hours in the cold during their grand opening hoping to get 6 free wings a week for a year?  You're saving $6 a week but how much are you spending on the drinks and other food when you go?

I'm all about getting a good deal but all this borderlines on ridiculous! I am very happy for those people who seriously can't afford to drop a buck or two on occasional slurpees.  I'm sure the indulgence was a welcome treat.  And kids, you go ahead and bike up there 5 times if you want on July 11th, but adults I ask don't you know any better? Go ahead and get your one freebie, but anything after that and you just look like a cheap glutton. And think about the other 999 people that might be wanting a free slurpee at the 7-11 too.

Me personally I usually steer way clear of any place claiming free, free food, free concert series, free movies, you get my drift.  Free just too often seems to bring out the freak in people and try to avoid that if at all possible.  I'm sure there are many events/items that are awesome that are indeed free but it sure seems like there is often some sort of opportunity cost involved that makes me leery of the whole free scene. 

Am I crazy here?  Am I really missing out on some primo deals?  Am I a lone soldier in thinking free is not always fabulous?


Julie said...

Standing right behind you. Never did understand why people seem to not have any common sense with 'free deals.' At least with 7/11 the weather is decent for slurpees: the Buffalo Wild Wing thing, people were in line for how long in the winter time! Sometimes the same can be said for 'buy one, get one free'. How many pairs of shoes do I need? Why don't you just give me the one pair I need for 1/2 price?

Amy said...

Ha ha! Oh my gosh, how I am with you on this. Honestly, I think some people are just that dumb!!! I mean... come on--7.11 oz? What? Go back several times? What? Good grief. I agree people are nuts or suckers. And yes, it is definitely smart marketing--the reeling them in.

Dawn said...

Totally agree Julie - Just give me the straight deal! They just want to have more, more, more! I don't have room in my drawer for 16 pairs of undies and socks.

Amy - Thanks for supporting my position. I just think people get deluded when they hear the word free.

Kiera said...

I have to admit that I have been guilty of the "free stuff" trap when I first got into couponing but have gotten much better when I started to realize that there is something for free every week. You can pick and choose the things that interest you and avoid the ones with crowds. I will admit to making a trip to our local scrapbooking store to pick up paper when I learned that they had a buy any item and get a free photobook from Shutterfly offer going on, there are some things that will get me to pack up both kiddos and head for the stores, but not many!

I do love my slushies, but we do not have any 7-elevens around here, so I did not need to be tempted

Dawn said...

Ha Kiera! Yeah I remember your blog posts of the closets full of diapers. ;) You just have to be logical about it.

I remember my FIl's must have had 1000 Kool-Aid packets back in the day amongst other things. All for free.

If you're going to use it and need it, great get the deal. The slurpees though; the calories will cost you if anything. ;)

Anonymous said...

This cracks me up - there is a 7/11 not to far from my office, and it was full of chaos ALL DAY LONG on 7/11. It was insanity. I will hand over a dollar any day rather than participate in The Crazy!

And I DO love B Dubs, but I've been there often enough to know your point is true - the drinks are where they get you!

Dawn said...

Thanks Beth - I imagine the workers either love or hate 7-11 day. Can you imagine the stories they have to tell afterward? If you look on my blog roll and have time to visit "Confessions of a Cashier" is hilarious. Makes me appreciate never working in a gas station/convenience store. Give it a look sometime.