Sunday, July 10, 2011

I guess I'll *like* baseball this weekend.

We had a great weekend up in Beaver for another ball tourney.  It was extra nice because one of Tommy's hockey buds Kyle got to play with us because we were short players.  We enjoyed the time with our "winter friends" and we'll spend another weekend together in North Branch next weekend as we battle again on the sandlot.

Tommy did better this weekend finally ending his No-for streak with some good clutch hits and RBI's.  I'm so thankful he is out of that slump and hopefully for good!  They ended up losing today in the semi's in the last inning after working hard to tie it up in the 5th.  We were down from the first inning on but were never out.  We only lost 4-3 which is a low score at this level of ball.  The pitching and defense are just getting so much better.  We finished 2-2 on the weekend.  Not bad.

So I love that Tommy got out of his hitting funk; but he had a rough time on field.  If we can just get him to fire on all cylinders then I'll really be loving baseball.  And by that time it will be over and then we can get to the real fun...HOCKEY!! 


Amy said...

I am glad you had fun! Go Tommy! I actually like baseball, but I am not always up for longs games in high heat.

Dawn said...

We have another weekend of ball rearing up on us and yeah it'll be high heat again. It's going to be in the 90's all week! I imagine it's worse in KY. I'll be hunkered under some other families little tent hopefully. :) And hopefully Tommy and the team can do well.

Kiera said...

glad to hear that Tommy was able to break his dry spell. Is baseball a passion for him or just something he does to keep in shape for hockey? He is such an athletic kiddo! I love seeing pictures from his games.

Dawn said...

Hey Kiera! I actually asked Tommy the question and he said it's actually about being able to play with his friends. He said if there was a different travel team forming for baseball he wouldn't try out because it's not with his friends. Where hockey he started out knowing no one. He just loves the game and knows someday if he wants to realize his dream he'll be leaving his beloved Blizzard to go play AAA hockey. (We don't even know if he'll ever be good enough for this but we'll wait and see)

He enjoys playing baseball but hockey is the big love. I think he'd get sick of baseball if it was year round but hockey he's on skates all year though now it's only once a week. It's always a great day for hockey.