Monday, July 25, 2011


Bleh, can't believe I'm making a post about this.  I hate port-a-johns but sometimes you're just desperate and need to use them.  We've seen a lot of them recently at Tommy's ball tournaments.  Thankfully there was only 1 tournament where that was our only option.  However, often the regular bathrooms were a long walk away so the porties were it.

Friday night, our potty was fresh and new.  I swear Ashley's was the first pee deposited there and it wasn't too bad of an experience.  But by yesterday you couldn't even walk by the one at our field without gagging.  On a hot and humid weekend the flies are buzzing around and you can almost feel the gasses in their trying to attack you.  And another thing you will find is that shit in a portie is always diarrhea.  Oh the agony.

Ashley went fine on Friday when the potty was fairly empty.  Saturday afternoon, it was filled with all kinds of nastiness and had a huge mountain of toilet paper forming topped with piss and shit.  She refused to go.  I tell you with the TP mountain I don't think you had to worry about back splash but it was enough to freak her out and she wouldn't go and guess who later pissed her pants?  Ugh! I almost can't blame her.

I guess I just need bring a portie of our own.  (I did do this a couple weeks ago when there was NO real bathroom and the porties were especially nasty, I think those got emptied maybe once a year.  However, mid-tournament the shit truck came by and emptied it, who would like that job?) Men are so lucky that they can just whip it out and go on the ground behind a tree.  And just in case you're wondering the portie was for Ashley not me. ;)  I just hold it for hours and hours and hours. I'm so glad I wasn't born over 100 years ago when pit toilets were a way of life.  And did you know that porties are the number one place that lost cell phones go un-rescued?  No shocker there.


Amy said...

Ha Ha! I laughed my A$$ off on this. I hate porta potties too. Taking your own potty actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. I have actually considered that for Emma because I even find most regular women's bathrooms totally gross too. I have a sneaky suspicion that women's bathroom are like nastier than men's--just a hunch. Gosh what we do for our kids!! Huh!!

Julie said...

No one rescues the dropped cell phones huh? Piece of trivia I did not know but am I better for knowing it now??? :-)
If you keep up with the traveling leagues maybe you should invest in a travel trailer and then you have a nice cozy place to feed the family besides YOUR own bathroom. Might gain a lot of new friends too who want to come visit your place.

Dawn said...

Amy- There are days when she will hold it if the bathrooms are too gross. It's very frustrating but understandable!

Julie - Now that is a great idea! A big ole travel trailer for ball tourney's and not camping. I love it! And yeah we would definitely be a bit more popular after that I would imagine. Too bad we're not rolling in dough. ;)

Amy said...

Hey, I am all for that travel trailer! That would be awesome!

Sheila said...

Port-a-potties are so gross! I don't blame Ashley for pissing her pants, I think I'd rather do the same! LOL!

Robin Roberts said...

Porties are so much worse with a two year old. If they could get any worse. There isn't enough room to squat down and help them, you're constantly reminding them to NOT touch anything, but when ey do, you find there is no sanitizer. Or tp left. Ainsley always asks to go potty on the grass. Even a two year old knows that ports are not acceptable!

Dawn said...

Thank Sheila - I didn't get too mad after that one though it was annoying!

Robin - You're so right. In Beaver I wouldn't even close the door because it was such a tight squeeze in there. You're lucky Ainsley will go in the grass; we've tried that but no dice. Maybe someday.