Thursday, July 28, 2011

The last baseball post - loving it!

It's always hard to win a tournament when you lose your first game.  We were killed by Elba Friday night but won our final three games.  Then will help from Lake Orion and Cass City we ended up winning 1st place again.  Poor Cass City; they just can't get by us when it matters.  We just barely nudged them 6-5 and are 2-2 with them on the season.  Very even; I'll only feel sorry for them a little bit. This tournament was pure round robin style which I do not like.  I believe there should always be a championship game.  It's very hard for every team to win every game.  But once again the Reese Rockets came out smelling like a rose. 

We played our two games on Sunday and didn't even stick around to see how it would end because we were all but mathematically eliminated.  Elba had the most colossal collapse late in a tournament since Boston came down from 3-0 to take four straight against the Yankees on their way to winning their first World Series since the curse. (Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit here) Anyways, it was Elba's to lose and they did.  We had to meet up at the park Monday night for the boys to get their final trophies. 

Tommy played fairly well; not as great as in North Branch but better than the other two tournaments.  He hadn't struck out since the Beaver tournament so we are happy he finally conquered those demons.  We did have a scary moment on Saturday when he took a pitch to the face.  He was thankfully okay.  Dumb thing was the pitch before his teammate was given the steal sign so he was fake bunting and when he pulled back on a ball high he jumped out the box and the ump signaled strike saying "stay in the box, I'll always call a strike if you jump out of the box." Well the next pitch he stayed in the box and BOOM.  I was probably more shook up then Tommy and Joe had a few words for the umpire and craziest thing of all was the Cass City coach gave the ump some grief saying it was all his fault Tommy got hit and you should never tell a kid to not get out of the box.  The ump did ask Joe the next inning how Tommy was doing and I'm sure he felt bad.  I guess it was the coach's kid who was pitching and I'm sure that kid felt terrible.  Tommy's coach called that night to see how he was doing which was nice too.  Thankfully the next couple games the little pitchers weren't throwing too hard and Tommy did fine getting some decent hits.  Overall a good way to end a great summer season! 

Way to go Reese 10U Rockets!!! 


Julie said...

Congrats 10U Rockets on a nice ending to your season!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie - On to hockey now!