Monday, July 18, 2011

Loving Baseball!

The title should say it all!  Tommy's team went 4-1 this weekend winning the North Branch Tournament.  Tommy had his best weekend hitting wise and did well defensively too.  He's finally hitting on all cylinders.  He had some great hits this weekend and a ton of RBI's.  And best of all he didn't strike out once!!!!  It's been a huge battle for him.  Now if only poor Brandon Inge could bust out of his slump. 

This weekend wasn't only great for Tommy but all the Reese kids were hitting.  It was great to see these kids get some confidence at the plate.  Of course the pitchers weren't flame throwers like we had last weekend in Beaver.  Plus, that tourney was major league style; you could run on a passed ball third strike, could steal home, and could lead off before the ball was pitched.  I personally don't like that at this level.  I think hitters should have to put the ball in play (or be walked home with bases loaded) to be able to score.  It just put a lot of pressure on the catchers and pitchers.  This tournament was more of a recreation style, you could steal but not lead off, and you couldn't steal home.  Our team is really in the middle trying to find our right place.  We are too good for rec but not quite ready for elite travel status.  However with this weekend I saw some good things and maybe the team could make that leap soon.  Too bad the travel season is ending after this week. 

Of course this all was possible because before the tournament Tommy went to the barbershop and got all his beautiful locks chopped off.  All that beautiful hair; GONE!  But I'm the only one sad about it.  Eh, he'll probably be more comfortable now anyways.

Next weekend we are in Mayville and that my friends will be the end of baseball.  But it's been a long journey; he's been going to weekly open gyms since January. No rest for the wicked.  Go Rockets!


bessieviola said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN. I'm sure there is nothing like seeing your kids excel at sports! Ashley is so cute in her gear too. :)

Dawn said...

Oh it's so fun Beth - It's horribly true but the excelling part is excellent. I have such different perspectives between the boys and I'm sure Ashley will be no different. The kids are great entertainment! I'm sure we'll be those pesky Grandparents at all those games someday too.