Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Holiday Weekend!

So Labor Day weekend is here. Last night we had a great party. The last of the crew left by 1:30 and thankfully both boys slept in today. Tommy was all torqued up and told everyone we were partying like rock stars and had to stay up until 3:00. We did that at Disney World one night and I guess it stuck with him. He's definitely a party animal. He had his own kid party inside while us adults sat out on the deck with a fire. Lots of fun and fellowship.

Only a couple more days until school starts. Austin will be a big preschooler. I know when we were told he had brain damage I never dreamed that he would go to St. Elizabeth's. I figured at best he would be in a special ed classroom at the public school. I'm so happy that he's going. We've worked a lot this summer. He knows his whole upper case alphabet and now we need to work on the lower case. He's not a sponge like Tommy but he's definitely smart. A smart Aleck especially. I hope he doesn't get in a ton of trouble in school. I'm seriously worried about him. He has a tendency to be stubborn. Tommy is such a good boy, especially with other adults we never had any troubles with him. Austin though will challenge anyone. So pray for us that we make a smooth transition into preschool and that a week from now he's still welcome there. :)

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