Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sports Action Extraordinary

I just changed the title of this post after realizing that it's consumed with sports talk! Maybe I should find a sports header!

Tommy's team won this morning 4-1 and are now 3 games away from winning the league tournament. It's great! A player had a birthday party at the rink today and our family stayed for the open skate. Austin did great today! He was happy to be out there and he stayed on his feet well and didn't freak when he did fall. I'm so proud of him. I need to get the camera out there when he is skating. He doesn't make it far but his balance is great. Movement will come. During the "party" part the parents ditched the kids and where did we go? Hooter's of course! The team parents are just too fun! One of the Mom's turned 40 today so she got sung to by the Hooter's girls much to embarrassment I guess would be the right word. Happy Birthday Margaret!

Maybe I should go to Hooter's for my 30th? How about NO! I have Tiger tickets! They went on sale yesterday. We also have tickets on our 11th anniversary! I'm so excited to go. We also got tix to a Yankee game. Hopefully we'll kick some ARod butt! Speaking of baseball, spring training officially arrived yesterday when Joe & Tommy decided to head outside and throw the ball around. They looked a bit rusty if not a tad cold as well. Die hards!

Volleyball is off to a good start and the teams look pretty good. We have away games this week; lots of travel ahead. On Friday we played at recess and the first team I was on won really easily. So we switched me and another player and my team still won. So I was joking that is was all because of me and they gave me some teasing and "yeah rights" so I said I bet I could beat them all by myself. They took the bet and I DID!! It was only a game to 5 but I still came out victorious 5-2! In their defense it's almost harder playing with more people but still it's another feather in my cap! I will be bragging about that one for a while. They would kill me in basketball though.

Tommy loved the Red Wings game. You can read all about it on Joe's blog.

My high school basketball team had an undefeated season this year (first ever). They were going for the district finals on Friday night and lost to Nouvel! You might remember from my November blogging that it was Nouvel that also ended our undefeated football season and they ended up being the state champions! My poor Reese Rockets, they just can't finish off a great season on top!

So I think tomorrow I am going to "learn to play hockey" class in Bay City with Jill and Sheri. I'm a little nervous. I'm also worried about it starting at 9:00 as I'm one of those nuts who goes to bed fairly early or at least relaxes the last few hours of the evening. I may pay for it on Tuesday!

I can't believe that this post is all sports! I think our life needs some balance to it. I did go make noodles yesterday for the school soup supper so I did have to floss some domesticity but that's about it! Shh...don't tell anybody.

Hope everyone reading is doing well. Gotta run!


Jill said...

Boy you had a busy weekend as well. Austin looked great in his hockey gear. I wish I could have seen him skate.
I can't believe the boys were playing ball already! (Good for them.) I didn't try on my hockey stuff but I will go buy stuff if I need to. I really want to go play.

Melinda said...

Tag! Now, here's what you do. Read my latest blog, then post a blog of your own with your own answers to the questions and tag four more people.

Debbie said...

Ah HA .... another trip to Hooters. You are becoming a regular, hahah

Dawn said...

Jill - What fun tonight. I can't wait to see your pics on your blog!

Thanks Melinda, I feel so loved!

Deb - Love those wings. ;)

Heather said...

Ofcourse the post is about sports-the Papesh family is the offical cool Sports family!!! :) Enjoy your Tiger games! Sounds like fun!

Dawn said...

Thanks Heather, yep that's us! Are you hoping to see the Sox play out East this year?