Thursday, January 31, 2008

He is crazed and I have caved!

All Joe thinks about and dreams about is the MacBook. We are off to get it. Of course whose teacher discount does he need??? His stinking poll isn't even closed yet and at last look it's a tie between "No he's a loser tell him to shut it" and "Get a MacBook Pro because he's the best and who cares about the money" yada yada yada.

So it's after 6 and we are going to Troy. I guess we are all counting on a snow day tomorrow. I no doubt will be going to bed alone for the next year and a half while he plays until the wee hours of the morning.

In return for the MacBook the entire downstairs will be painted this spring. I still say he is making out like a fat rat. My is he spoiled!

I type this with a hint of "vent/rant" quality. Money! Money! Money!

It's a good thing I love him so much!


Jessica said...

LMAO! You caved... haha I'm sure I'll be doing the caving later this year when Adam says he's getting a flat screen tv. I'm getting something in return, but it's not for the entire 'blog' world to know ;)(mine costs more, so I guess I will make out like a little rat too!)

Dawn said...

Ooh Jess - You have to tell me what! Email me! What on earth can be more expensive than a flat screen tv?

Debbie said...

Your such a good wife Dawno

buggirlmom said...

snow day... I am jealous. And... if you want, you can send Joe my way in the spring and I can put him to work. He won't be so spoiled then! JK- Amy

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb - I know, I know. ;)

Ha Amy! The first thing on his mini-list will be to snow blow the driveway. It's really coming down, so yes I got my snow day. 3rd one in the last 2 weeks! :)

Jessica said...

I sent you an email :)