Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fire on Ice!

Yep, just like the Detroit Red Wings that will be Jill and I as we have our draft today. I'm so excited! I went and got my skates sharpened and am ready to go! We then have another draft tomorrow and the Bay City League begins Monday! Yeah!

Speaking of the Red Wings Joe and I went to the game last night as my Dad had given us tickets for Christmas. They lost 4-3 in overtime but it was a good game. $1 pretzel night, Joe didn't pig out like he did on $1 hot dog day where he had 7. Odd as you know Joe never turns down a good deal. As usual we had the luxury of being surrounded by a bunch of drunken wing-nuts. They were loud and obnoxious typical crazed fans and there were no kids around so I was able to ignore the near constant cussing in the row behind us. By the 3rd period they were pretty hosed and the guy behind me ended up elbowing me in the back of the head when the Wings scored. He apologized profusely, no big deal it didn't hurt or anything. But then a few minutes later I'm leaning forward and I get beer spilled down my back by the same dude. Fun stuff right? I was fine, he again apologized over and over and over again and I think Joe was ready to thrash him but held off.

At Disney the tram people always say they want your adventure to be in the park and not the parking lot. Well we had a parking lot adventure. Joe wanted me to take a short cut through the parking garage and me "follow the rule Nerda" didn't listen and ended up on the top of the ramp. That seriously had Joe more upset than the beer incident. Darts to me for not trusting him I guess. We were only in the ramp for about a 1/2 hour, not too bad I didn't think.

Thursday Jill & Amy and I went to the Somerset Mall which is the creme de la creme of malls. Very fancy. Louis Vitton, Tiffany's, Gucci, fancy fancy stores to name a few! You won't find Payless Shoe Source or even JCPenney's at this mall. Oh and this is where the beloved MacBook was purchased. Amy's daughter Emily got a Build-A-Bear, that was a neat experience. Jill and I also indulged our sweet tooths at the Godiva Chocolate store, spending 15.50 on a fruit kabob and 2 peanut butter cups! Oh that was sweet evil. I bought a $24.00 luxury bath deal at a really interesting store where the soaps get cut just like blocks of cheese. My $24 expenditure will give me 2-3 great bathing experiences. I'll smell lovely and my skin will be silky smooth with no harm to the environment. :) The saleslady had an accent so I felt all high class and all.

I just about made it through the mall without spending a fortune when I happened into the White House/Black Market store. I tried on one dress that didn't work and Amy quickly bombarded me with many more dresses to try on. Along with the dress, they got me to buy the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, a shawl, and bracelet. The dress is cool looking and something I would have never tried on if not for Amy's classy tastes. I think I look good in it. If I had on Go-Go Boots I'd look like a character out of Austin Powers. Yeah Baby! I'll have to take pics. Joe hasn't seen it yet; we'll see what he thinks. So in one afternoon I think I blew my yearly clothing budget. At least I have three major events this spring to attend so it will get good use.

Easter Vacation went by very quickly. It was nice and relaxing but I guess I can say I'm ready to go back to work. I miss my goonie students and crazy staff. ♥ I could go for a few more days of sleeping in though. Oh the life. The boys need to get back to school too. They are getting a little too big for their britches around here. They're just bickering a lot, not getting enough sleep, eating too much junk, watching too much TV, you know all that child badness that happens on vacations.

April arrives on Tuesday and then the busiest time of the year for the Papesh's begins. I think spring has far surpassed Christmas time as being the busiest. But you know what? July will be here before we know it and we'll be bored! Perfect time for a visit to some out of state friends (if you ask me nicely) and maybe a trip to see the Mouse in August and before you know it, it's back to school.


Jessica said...

Love WH/BM! I've never bought anything from there b/c it is rather pricey. We have a "Promenade" here that has really ritsy stores on one end and Pennys on the other. It's a neat place- it's all outdoors. You go from the end with stores like Coach, And WH/BM and see all your "high class" people and then walk to the end with Pennys and Bath & Body Works and see your "Middle to lower class" folks. It's fun to people watch! Glad you had fun. You WILL HAVE to post pics of you in your fancy dress!

Debbie said...

Great post Dawn! What an experience at the game - I'm afraid I would most likely be one of the annoying drunks ;)

Ooo, good for you on getting a whole outfit and I can't wait to see pics!

Dawn said...

Jess - I had never heard of WH/BM before! Your "promenade" sounds cool and I too would love to people watch. And there was a Coach store there too.

Deb - I about died hearing you say you'd be one of those annoying drunks. You just crack me up! You ARE the life of the party that is for sure Mrs. Chesney. ;)

Jill said...

Dawn I'm still to busy cleaning to post but it's coming.
I can't wait to see you back at work it is really quite with out you and your kids.

You had a lot of hockey this weekend, you are starting to look like the Muylle's.

I think we looked great out there this weekend. The best is yet to come "The Hot Chicks"!

Dawn said...

The Hot Chicks! I like that Jill, I think better than Hat Chicks even though the hockey pun is cute. Now the other teams pseudonym, holy crow! I can laugh at that one, sorry readers this blog is pg, can't share it. ;)

It was good to be back to work today, I think the boys had a good day too. See you shortly!