Saturday, March 8, 2008

A peculiar exchange yesterday

Yesterday morning I was getting my lunch folder out of my mailbox and there was a note in there from Julie showing that the mass intention for next Friday's mass was for Autumn Rose. She just wanted to give me a heads up and I'm glad she did. I would have totally been shocked opening up my bulletin after mass tonight and seeing it in there. That is so nice; my former principal and her husband were the ones who did that for us.

Anyways, I get to my classroom kind of frazzled as it surprised me and so I text message Joe. Here is the exchange. Now let me preface by saying that Joe being the phone guy at work will have different cell phones on occasion to try out and it's nothing for him to call me from some strange number so when I got the first reply I thought it was indeed Joe just on a different phone.

Me: Mass for autumn next friday. im in shock.

Stranger #1: What?

Me: Mass intentions from the r*******s

Stranger #1: I think you have the wrong number

Me: Im sorry

Stranger #1: Who is autumn and what happened to her

Me: We had a stillborn daughter in dec.

Stranger #2: Huh do i now u

Me: I think my phone is goofed up. Im sorry. gotta run

By now it is almost 8:30 and my class and I head to mass so I'm thinking about this exchange the whole time I'm in church. I get back and here are the new messages on my phone.

Stranger #1: Its ok

Stranger #1: Im so sorry. I dont even know u and that makes me want to cry! that must be a terrible thing

Stranger #1: But it sounds like u have faith and that can help u threw anything

Stranger #3: Who is this (I just ignored this one)

Stranger #1: I attend mass on sundays and this week I will say a prayer for u and ur baby

Me: Thank you so much

Stranger #1: Your welcome

So I don't know how my phone ended up sending my messages to 3 complete strangers but you can see that Stranger #1 and I had quite the dialog going. It was just interesting, well interesting to me. I don't know what all you readers think of it. Me thinks maybe it was just another small gift from the Holy Spirit. Hey, you never know. ;)


therealtommix said...

Just goes to prove there ARE good people in the world despite what we see in the news and in the newspapers. Be with us hs, today and forever.

Debbie said...

Sweet :) Did Joe ever get the message?

Dawn said...

Thanks girls!

Deb - Joe did get two copies of my one message so my phone just went bugs for a moment I guess.

Jessica said...

Oh, wow! I think thats pretty neat. Mass for Autumn is way cool to! You will have to blog about it (if you are up to it, of course) Big hugs & Love :)

Dawn said...

Thanks Jessica!

Heather said...

How bizarre how things happen! How nice!

Kiera Beth said...

That is a really neat story.

Dawn said...

Thanks Heather & Kiera Beth. Definitely bizarre but in a nice way.