Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy's & Crappy's

Unbelievable I know but I've not been blogging up to my potential lately. Here is an abbreviated version of life the last couple weeks.

Happy - Autumn's mass that was intended for her was wonderful. Joe & my IL's were all there too.

Crappy - I broke up a bit at mass; I guess I still mourn her which really isn't crappy just a bit surprising some days.

Happy - I took my class skiing and it was awesome. Tommy did super and my Mom and brother went along too. My Mom about broke her butt but did survive and I think she had a good time. I should post pics of her.

Happy - My class had an awesome Pi Day on 3-14. Fr. Bill made us an awesome black raspberry pie with homemade whipped topping. I ♥ math!

Happy - I'm on Easter vacation! Double Happy!!

Crappy - I got a nasty gram on my van at the mall yesterday as my back tire was parked over the line a bit. It went along the lines of "think of others before taking up 2 (the 2 was circled) parking spaces." Joe thinks it's hilarious and cool that someone took precious time to write the note and waste a valuable piece of paper. I just feel shame. ;) And btw, there was a vehicle parked on both sides of me when I parked and when I left. I will work on my parking.

Happy - Lent was especially uplifting spiritually for me this year and I'm working on some bad habits and things that need "cleansing" in my life and I am pleased with my progress. I still need work though but recognizing your faults should count as a happy.

Crappy - I've had a perpetual sore throat all winter that comes and goes.

Happy - Spring is here

Happy - Hockey!! We had a couple of Mom's only events in Saginaw and we scrimmaged. It was AWESOME! They are starting up a 9 week league in Bay City. You can bet I am joining!

Crappy - Gas is $3.30 a gallon.

Happy - I got to talk to my brother Jeff last week for the first time in a couple years on the phone.

Happy - The volleyball teams are both undefeated! And I have 3 great ladies I'm co-coaching with this year! :)

Crappy - Joe is going to Maine for a few days this week. We will miss him and we'll nearly starve too. ;) And he doesn't even like seafood!

Happy - We had a wonderful Easter get together with my IL's today. Our family was in charge of the egg hunt this year. It was eggcellent!

Crappy - My thyroid meds need to be upped again! DOH!

Happy - I saw the "2" on the scale this morning for the first time since September. =)

Crappy - I stepped back on in disbelief and couldn't get the "2" again! DOH! I'm getting close though. Maybe my higher meds will help in that regard. I'm certainly flabbier in places these days.

Happy - Angie & Tim got engaged! FINALLY!!!

Happy - Austin had good appointments at the dentist and his cardiologist.

Happy - We're going to Grandpa Moon's tomorrow for Easter! We don't see that family very often.

Crappy - My Grammy has been gone almost a year and my Grandpa is really sad. It must be so hard to be alone.

Happy - I'm making strawberry cheesecake right now. Be jealous, very jealous. ;)

Did I say this was going to be abbreviated? Yeah right! At least I have more happy's than crappy's. Life is good, just busy. I'm looking forward to having a week of relaxation, it will be nice to sleep in everyday.

Love you all!


mdsella said...

Love the post! It's always nice to hear when the Happy's have a victory over the Crappy's.

I just wish I could sleep in every day this week...

Dawn said...

Thanks Mike, I hope you and Jill are getting your precious sleep when you can. ;)

Mom2Max&Alex said...

AWESOME post!! I need to do something like that. I enjoyed reading it.

Jessica said...

Enjoyed the post! Yay for happies :) And, congrats on the "2"!!!!! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Thanks Angie & Jess - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed posting it, it's nice when life is full of Happy's and we can make light of the crappy's!

Jess - After all the Easter candy I don't know if I'll be seeing the "2" again soon. As long as it doesn't hit "4" I should be happy right?

Jill said...

The nasty gram is kind of funny. I don't think anyone important minds how you park!

Dawn said...

Funny you would say that Jill because dear Joe made a comment before I went into the mall about my parking job. But he didn't bully me into re-parking. It was a great conversation piece over Easter. Everyone does think it's funny. I told Joe I'm going to date and sign it and then pass it on to the next sap that does a horrible job parking. "you've been hit, pass it on." How do you like that pay it forward?

Debbie said...

LOL, love the post - you are too cute!